Recap of Information on HGGC

HGGC hired Dan Stanko as principal and also hired three executive directors: Chad Clawson, Bennett Nussbaum and Scott St. Clair. Matt Roesch got promoted to Vice President. The company merged its portfolio with General Atlantic in 2018 in order to counteract the “Amazon effect”. HGGC had a direct dialogue with the companies under General Atlantic instead of an auction process. Under General Atlantic is the company Mi9 Retail, who they will merge with its portfolio company, MyWebGrocer. As companies such as Sears keep filing for bankruptcy protection, HGGC found it imperative to find a solution to the Amazon effect that brick and mortar stores are experiencing. According to Pitchbook, HGGC is taking over HelpSystems for $1.2 billion and was in talks to complete a $555 million patent purchase of RPX, before it closed the deal.

HGGC was co-founded by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young. HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity firm and has more than $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. It’s based in Palo Alto, California and believes in an “Advantaged Investing” approach. The company has completed more than 90 investments and acquisitions. THey typically invest between $50 and $100 million into its new investments.

Colin Phinisey has joined the team to lead capital market efforts and Christopher Guinn joined as Executive director. These additions to their team come from financial and business brands, which they believe will help it to execute its investment strategy that has helped the company to become so successful in recent years. The company has tripled its revenue and EBITDA, and doubled its staff since July 2016. They have plans to continue to build their team with excellent people that will have the ability to help the company execute its business model.

How Neurocore is Helping Athletes Get in the Zone

In the recent past, there has been a lot of focus on using the power of the mind to improve athletic performance. This is because after a lot of research, researchers have discovered that in addition to having stamina and physical preparedness to perform during the game, they need to be in the right state of mind to succeed. Using Neurocore, it is now possible for athletes to see their brain activity in real-time, and train themselves to operate at peak performance. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The practice has been adopted in basketball and there are NBA teams which understand how Neurocore works. Portland Trailblazers is a team which has developed a brain room, an area where the athletes can harness their brainpower to achieve the level of success that they desire on the basketball court.

There is also a neuropathy center that has been set up in Michigan, with the aim of making sure that the intersection between Neuroscience and Athletics has been demystified. Athletes from NBA, PGA, MLB, and NHL have been checking into these centers with an aim to help themselves maintain their focus and increase their stamina by harnessing the power of the mind. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The process is quite simple and it uses a device called an EEG. The EEG device detects brain activity in the brain using small electrodes. Traditionally, EEG devices were used to detect disorders such as stroke, brain tumors and other forms of brain damage. The athlete wears an electrode hat and from it, the information transmitted by the brain is recorded and used to give neurofeedback. According to the neurofeedback responses from most of the studies, athletic performance peaks when their brain is focused, and deteriorates when the brain starts to wander.

Research is still continuing into Neurocore, and the other benefits which it can bring in athletic performance. Other factors which are usually part of the process include heart rate variability and visual processing. It is estimated that in the next few decades, Neurocore will become very central to athletic training. The success of athletes therefore, will depend on their ability to incorporate their brain’s ability to perform successfully.


The Real Real: Your Own Luxury Item for Less

Fashion is the third most wasteful industry in the world. Fast fashion is also one of the industries that contributes most of the environmental damage in the Earth: through miles and miles of landfill because of unused clothing that is just thrown away and not upcycled. In a time and age that we have now, we must be aware and alert of the little things that we are doing to save the Earth little by little.

Every one has a dream of living the rich life, with a rich lifestyle with rich material things. But for some of us, it would take multiple lifetimes of working out butts off just to even try to afford luxury items. Luxury fashion items can go ridiculously overpriced, but the brand and the quality makes up for it. And for luxury fashion enthusiasts, some would go miles and miles just to get the fashion items that they want, even if it costs most of their lives’ fortune.

Some luxury fashion enthusiasts can get pretty desperate on trying to own their own fashion luxury items – some might result into buying counterfeits (which is illegal by the way), and buying counterfeits isn’t really helping anyone, or the economy ultimately. Also, some consumers are fooled and scammed by these sellers, selling these counterfeits as real, but then turning out as the opposite.

The Real Real is a platform for luxury fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on real, authentic, luxury items for less the price. The Real Real connects the original owners of the fashion luxury items to buyers. The original owners are probably tired of the items, or they don’t have any more space for these fashion luxury items that they have to dispose of them – The Real Real acts as a platform for these two parties to interact. And then, they gain their revenue by collecting commissions from the consignment that they had with the buyer.

This way, if you support second-hand items, you do not contribute to the weight of unused clothes that end up in land fills – two birds with one stone: your own luxury item and you helped the Earth!

How The RealReal Authenticates Its Products

With the advent of online shopping, there is an abundance of different places from which you can purchase your own Chanel handbag but how can you be sure you’re buying the real deal? At the Realreal, they always ensure their products are authentic and it shows. They recently posted some new pictures to their Instagram page. The first picture they posted is that of a woman wearing a new earring shaped like a diamond. The caption mentions that it is, in fact, made of rhinestones and also implies that it’s part of some sort of holiday look. The next picture is that of the inside of a Gucci jacket and its tag. There doesn’t appear to be any english on the tag but the production year is clearly listed as 2013. The implication is that this will be part of their upcoming fashion line.

There are also a lot of reposts thanking them for educating them on authenticity. The third picture shows someone modeling a pair of orange Chanel sneakers with the caption mentioning that you can save up to 2/3 on this product in October. It’s a good thing they’re on sale because, apparently, they do not come cheap. Their account said that these shoes can set you back upwards of $1,100. The Realreal is one of the leading authorities on secondhand consignment and they have two different retail locations. One’s in the SoHo neighborhood of the big apple and the other is located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

They were first founded back in 2011 by Julie Wainwright as a small business and quickly blossomed into the premier location for all kinds of luxury consignment items with over 600 employees. They have a market that spans across the world and have multiple locations throughout the nation.

ABC Developing Show Based On Ryan Seacrest And Kelly Ripa Friendship

Ryan Seacrest is a noted entrepreneur and TV personality who stars in “American Idol,” “On Air with Ryan” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He also is a generous philanthropist and has his own foundation that helps out many different people and has an extensive background rooted in television and radio. He also has his own skin care products and is involved in other things like a clothing line. And now ABC will be producing a show according to an article from about his relationship to Kelly Ripa. It will be a comedy called “Work Wife” and be based on the two. The plot will involve how friendships are when people are constantly working and how their relationships work out. An individual named Michael Ian Black will be writing and executive producing the show and Ryan

Seacrest will be executive producing it too with his brand called Ryan Seacrest Productions. Kelly Ripa will also executive producing it along with others named Mark Consuelos and Albert Bianchini. Many are involved in “Work Wife” as others will be helping produce it as well. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest know each other well as they work together on a show called “Live with Kelly and Ryan” that airs in the mornings. The show started in the year 2001 and has been successful ever since it started. Seacrest joined Ripa as the co-host and has been doing it for quite some time now. Both of the TV personalities have deals with ABC. Producer Michael Ian Black has acted in many different movies such as “Wet Hot American Summer,” “The State,” and has written other acts like “Another Period,” and “Run, Fatboy, Run!” Black is involved with UTA and Schachter/Brown, while other producers are working with CAA and Franklin Weinrib Rudell and Vassallo.

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Dr. Saad Saad And His Amazing Inventions

Dr. Saad Saad has dedicated his life to be a well-renowned name among pediatric surgeons. As a veteran in the medical field with over forty years of experience, he has personally done thousands of surgeries that have saved the lives of many children.

He feels that a lack of money should not be a barrier to receive life-saving medical treatment. Not only has he provided his medical expertise to his local community, but he has traveled to other countries and provided free medical assistance for children who lived in poor households.

Many individuals have sought Dr. Saad out personally due to the solid reputation he has built. Over his many years serving people, he has always looked for ways to help ease the discomfort of his patients and to improve on existing medical practices. He ended up improving upon two medical devices that have made the job of other doctors much simpler. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

One medical device that Dr. Saad improved upon was a catheter. This is a tube that is placed in the body for common medical procedures and can be used during surgery.

They can help take out fluids or give a doctor access to surgical tools. Some catheters can remain in the body permanently and some are only temporary. Doctors would normally perform an x-ray to locate the exact spot of a catheter. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

Frequent x-rays can cause a patient to be exposed to radiation, thus increasing their risk of cancer. MRIs are not a good option because they are so big and cannot be transported. The catheter invented by Dr. Saad allows the practitioner to use electromagnetic energy to find out the precise location of the catheter.

This enables the doctor to use an external tool to scan the patient’s body to locate the catheter. This catheter eliminates the need to use an x-ray or an MRI to locate a catheter. It can also save an individual’s life in an emergency when a doctor may not have the time to perform a body scan.

Another device that Dr. Saad Saad improved on was the endoscope. This is an optical tool that a doctor can use to peer inside a person’s body during surgery or routine exams.

These medical tools give the doctor an inside view of the patient’s body without doing a body scan with an x-ray or an MRI. A disadvantage of using a traditional endoscope is that they fog easily due to the fluids inside the human body.

This can make it impossible for the doctor to get a clear view of what is happening inside the human body. Dr. Saad’s endoscope can suck away any fluid that may be making it difficult for the doctor to get a decent view.

During his career, Dr. Saad has performed thousands of endoscopy exams to help remove foreign objects caught in a patient’s throat.