Krishen Iyer the Founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is the co-founder and the CEO of the distinguished managed benefit services. This is one of the most established agencies dealing with marketing and consultancy in its primary operations based in Carlsbad, California. The Managed benefit is devoted to helping their clients generate significant leads as well as curating the available traffics particularly in the health and dental insurance agencies. Krishen Iyer is well versed when it comes to insurance marketing as well as consulting services. He incepted the managed benefit services, which by then was referred to as the quick linking market.



He has specialized in online marketing, customer interfacing, and technical developments. Some of his prominent firms include the dental insurance and the health insurance agencies, and in all these entities, he focuses primarily on marketing. However, this success has not been without devotion and perseverance and dedicating much of his time to his clients paying detail to every need that they might be having. He has been outstanding in most of the academic pursuits, and he has established various firms.



His Academic Pursuit



Krishen Iyer attended the San Diego state university where he earned a degree in public administration. However, before he graduated from this institution in 2004, he had already established his first venture that was related to the insurance sector. He continued to run this entity until 2014, and by then he had developed his profession significantly.



This firm, however, was unable to address his entire want single-handedly and this lead to the inception of his next project that was entitled Name My Premium. While running this firm, he enjoyed remarkable success until he quitted in 2015. He helped this company to reach a significant position in the market where they earned many honors, and his contribution will hardly be forgotten.






Although Mr.Iyer has one of the busiest schedules, he always enjoys taking part in the rejuvenating activities particularly games and sport. To this end, he likes playing soccer, chess as well as taking part in various activities that are meant to giving back to the community he serves in Carlsbad and in all aspects, these activities have been vital to him.


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