Hussain Sajwani Is Committed To The Sajwani Family’s Charitable Foundation

Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of DAMAC Group. He founded the company in 2002 in the UAE, where he was born and raised. The company is a leading real estate development firm that is responsible for tens of thousands of units built within the city of Dubai. DAMAC Group has maintained its headquarters in Dubai since the company’s inception.

Hussain Sajwani has been one of the major forces behind much of the new construction in the city. His real estate company has constructed hotels, towers, luxury villas and homes, and a golf course. They continue with plans four more construction in Dubai, the DAMAC owner has recently focused his sights on building new development projects in China.

The sales of the luxury homes built within the golf community are underway, and so far, have totaled approximately $2 billion. Hussain Sajwani partnered with the Trump Organization to develop the first of its kind in Dubai. The Trump Organization, located in New York, New York, is owned by the family of U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Hussain has befriended President Trump and his children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. He spent New Year’s Eve with the Trump family in 2017. The owners of the two major real estate organizations look forward to future joint ventures.

Prior to his career in real estate, Hussain Sajwani founded a catering company that is still in existence in the UAE. Years later, the city of Dubai authorized sales of properties to foreign investors, and Hussain created what would later become his real estate empire. DAMAC Group started with the development of several small hotels and rapidly grew under Hussain’s leadership. He is an innovative marketer, and he has experienced tremendous success in both of his start-up companies. Hussain attended college in the United States at the University of Washington.

Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropist, and he founded the Sajwani Family Foundation to lend his generous support to a variety of charitable organizations.

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OSI Industries Is Making Major Changes To The World Market Of Prepared Food Products

The growth of one company has been felt around the world within the food industry. OSI Industries Group is known for their presence in the fast food industry along with providing foods for a number of other suppliers. The business started out in the sub-burbs of the Chicago neighborhood as a small mom and pop meat market. This business then grew into what it is today.

David McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Industries has been with the company for more than 3 decades. He started out fresh out of college within the business as a project manager and has worked his way up the ladder. The OSI Group brand is the leading global leader within the food market for a variety of reasons.

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The number one reason that OSI Industries Group has been able to remain at the top of the global food market is due to their desire to please their clients. They want to make sure that the customers of their clients are pleased when they walk away. That is why OSI Group has recently acquired the purchase of Baho Foods.

Baho Foods has an extensive presence within the European market. The reach for OSI Group has allowed for them to reach further by expanding to Baho Foods. With the new acquisition, the 5 sub plants working under Baho Foods will remain open and under the direction of both companies.

With the plants remaining under control of both companies, it allows the presence of OSI Industries to gain access to the customers and clients in the European market. Currently the OSI Industries has more than 20,000 employees and has over 65 different plants within 17 countries. It has been David McDonald that has helped to transform the company into what it is today. He has worked alongside other key employees in the business that have been involved with the business for a number of decades. The roles they have shared over the years is what has helped the deals between different companies for as long as they have.

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Alastair Borthwick Had a Multi-Faceted Career

Even though Alastair Borthwick was phenomenal at broadcasting, it wasn’t the only thing he did. He wrote two different books, enjoyed spending time doing his hobbies and even spent time in the military during World War 2. No matter what Alastair Borthwick did, though, he did it with a fiery passion that is so common in Scotland.

After making a name for himself in the broadcasting world, Alastair Borthwick knew he had a way to reach more people. He wanted them to see a different side of things and wanted them to realize they had options. This led to him writing his first book. Alastair Borthwick made the book so it could connect with others and so people would enjoy reading it no matter what they showed interest in. For Alastair Borthwick, the point of making the book was so he could show others what they could get out of different situations.

Alastair Borthwick also wrote a second book. The book was vastly different from his first and it showed a side of Alastair Borthwick most people hadn’t ever seen. Alastair Borthwick wanted to make sure people saw there was more depth to him than what they saw in the news and in different broadcasting situations. He used his time in the military to help make people understand what he could do and help them see what happened during his time in the military. He knew World War 2 was a difficult time for many other people and wanted to connect with them.

Even though Alastair Borthwick was a very serious person, he also had things he enjoyed doing. In particular, he was passionate about fishing. He started his own fishing company and showed people how to do different things with fishing. He wanted them to realize they had someone who knew a lot about it and could easily teach them. In addition to fishing, Alastair Borthwick remained passionate about his small farm he owned with his wife. He worked on the farm and was a big part of the farming community until he moved into a nursing home in 1998.

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Krishen Iyer the Founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is the co-founder and the CEO of the distinguished managed benefit services. This is one of the most established agencies dealing with marketing and consultancy in its primary operations based in Carlsbad, California. The Managed benefit is devoted to helping their clients generate significant leads as well as curating the available traffics particularly in the health and dental insurance agencies. Krishen Iyer is well versed when it comes to insurance marketing as well as consulting services. He incepted the managed benefit services, which by then was referred to as the quick linking market.



He has specialized in online marketing, customer interfacing, and technical developments. Some of his prominent firms include the dental insurance and the health insurance agencies, and in all these entities, he focuses primarily on marketing. However, this success has not been without devotion and perseverance and dedicating much of his time to his clients paying detail to every need that they might be having. He has been outstanding in most of the academic pursuits, and he has established various firms.



His Academic Pursuit



Krishen Iyer attended the San Diego state university where he earned a degree in public administration. However, before he graduated from this institution in 2004, he had already established his first venture that was related to the insurance sector. He continued to run this entity until 2014, and by then he had developed his profession significantly.



This firm, however, was unable to address his entire want single-handedly and this lead to the inception of his next project that was entitled Name My Premium. While running this firm, he enjoyed remarkable success until he quitted in 2015. He helped this company to reach a significant position in the market where they earned many honors, and his contribution will hardly be forgotten.






Although Mr.Iyer has one of the busiest schedules, he always enjoys taking part in the rejuvenating activities particularly games and sport. To this end, he likes playing soccer, chess as well as taking part in various activities that are meant to giving back to the community he serves in Carlsbad and in all aspects, these activities have been vital to him.


Southridge Capital: The Growing Recognition Of Bitcoin

Southridge capital was established in 1996. Steven Hicks is the company’s founder and CEO. He feels that much of the success that his company has enjoyed is due to experience. Other companies have sought advice form Southridge Capital on matters such as financing and going public. One area that the CEO is very excited about is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is now a common name to most and the original cryptocurrency, however, most people still lack an understating of the cryptos or the blockchain technology everyone is talking about. Governments and corporations all over the world recognize the true potential of the blockchain technology and they are all racing to establish their own cryptocurrencies.


According to PR Newswire, Bitcoin came out in 2009. Gradually individuals started to learn of Bitcoin. One of the attractions that many originally had to Bitcoin was that it was a currency that could not be manipulated by a central bank or government. Merchants began to accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for everyday use. Eventually, the market cap for all the cryptocurrencies soared to $300 billion, with Bitcoin accounting for over half. Southridge took notice of how some of the largest banks in the world were eager to get in on the action. It was not long after the financial institutions started talking of adopting Bitcoin that speculators were given the option to invest in Bitcoin in the futures market. The cryptocurrencies are disrupting other industries besides finance. Rick Hilton recently held an auction to sell a mansion for cryptocurrency. The platform that he sells his real estate is called Propy. This site utilizes the blockchain technology and allows customers to get the deeds to their property instantly. You can visit their website



Steven Hicks sees a bright future for the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. He has over thirty years working in finance. He believes in investing in companies with promising growth potential. Under his leadership, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion in growth companies. Another area that Mr. Hicks feels is going to offer a high return to investors is the marijuana industry.



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Talos Energy Has Proven To Be A Successful Oil Exploration And Production Company

Oil exploration and production are one of the most lucrative industries around the world. Companies operating in this industry have sufficient funds for growth, expansion, and even employing some of the most qualified workers in industry. However, in as much as the oil industry, especially exploration and production, it is a risky industry that only requires bold organizations that are ready to risk their resources and not fearing to lose.

Talos Energy is one of the most successful organizations that operate in the oil exploration and production industry. The company has been taking bold decisions in the sector without fearing the volatility that affects the industry as days pass. Individuals might have a perception that the strength of the company is derived from the fact that it has operated for a more extended period in the market. This is further from the truth given that the entity has only operated for around five years.

The company has proven to be a successful investment since its inception in 2012 after acquiring some of the longest-serving oil exploration organizations in the industry. Some of the entities acquired by Talos Energy include Stone Energy Corporation and Whistler Energy. The ability to purchase and even merge with some of the largest organizations in the industry demonstrates the financial strength of the company. Talos entered into an alliance agreement with Stone Corporations.

Talos Energy has proved to be a persistence organization that does not collapse due to the market forces that continuously affect the market. Duncan, the founder of the organization, was established a $600 million equity funding. Acquiring equity funding to start an oil exploration company shows that the founders of the company are determined enough to flex their muscles and pay back the equity.

Talos Energy has not only gone forward to pay such debts that started the organization but has gone further to establish itself as a dangerous entity in industry. The company has gone further to purchase other oil exploration companies such as Phoenix Filed, which was acquired for around $620 million. The company also went to sustain the market crash that made many companies collapse.

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Background Information on End Citizens United

The End Citizens United group can be defined as having changed the landscape of the American politics. The End Citizens United is a grassroots Political Action Committee that is funded by donors. The group is keen on supporting the election of finance reformers who would help transform the USA. The headquarters of the group is in Washington DC with Tiffany Muller serving both as the director and president of the organization. The organization was created in 2013 and has been in active operations for three years. In the past, the group has secured the endorsement of politicians such as Zephyr, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren. The organization is credited for its active role in supporting Hilary Clinton.

During the 2016 elections, it was viewed as been one of the most influential outside groups supporting Maggi Hassan and Cortez Masto for the senatorial positions. In the listed races, the End Citizens United spent more than 4.4 million dollars. It milky raises its funds from donors and well-wishers. Through driving out substantial financial donations in the USA politics, the organization hopes to attain the necessary reforms in the USA. By contribution financial to its candidates, the team hopes to push for the election of campaign-finance reforms champions. Its first electing participation was in 2016 where it recorded credible performances. Read this article at Chronicle of Week to know more.

Problems being addressed by End Citizens United

The operations of the group are centered on the Citizens United VS. F.E.C. Supreme Court Ruling in 2010. The ruling created doors for cooperation, activist groups and billionaires to make unlimited contributions to their candidates. However, the group argues that the decision has led to a lack of accountability. The argument rests on the fact that many billionaires have been found t0o influence the leaders to initiate policies that are in their foamier. It holds that the sovereignty and independence of the offices are affected. Rather than pursuing the interest of the electorates, most of the candidates are keen to meet the interest of the financiers. The missions of the group are thus to end politics that are based on money that lead to rigging. By suppressing the influence the billionaires have on politics, the group helps to attain better political leaders.

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In In-Depth Interview, GoBuyside CEO Arjun Kapur Discusses Artificial Intelligence, Client Service & His Typical Day-To-Day

Arjun Kapur, founder of recruitment firm GoBuyside, recently gave an interview to Inspirery, where he discussed his typical day at work, business trends that excite him, what he would do differently if he were to start again, and a habit he recommended to other entrepreneurs, amongst many other topics. To read the full interview, go here.

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Kapur in the interview points to increased competition for specialized talent and a sizable reduction in hiring cycles in the financial industry as inspirations for his founding GoBuyside. He also describes his day-to-day work, which varies from day-to-day, and includes various responsibilities ranging from client service and general management to meetings and business development.

With GoBuyside being a cutting-edge tech-enabled platform, Kapur highlights the ongoing development and streamlining of artificial intelligence as a major market trend that excites him. He also affirms his excitement in the interview at the possible real-world applications that can be derived from this technology in the future.

On discussing a habit he constantly repeats and would advise others to possess, Kapur speaks on his constant rumination on his clients, their individual needs and the market environment operate in. This ensures that he takes an individualized, instead of a generalized, approach to serving his clients.

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011, with the aim of assisting financial organizations with identifying, scouting and successfully recruiting specialized talents. The firm boast over 400 clients that provide a wide range of services; these type of companies include advisory firms, hedge funds, private equity firms and investment management firms, amongst others.

GoBuyside possesses a talent network incorporating over 100,000 individuals and over 10,000 firms, and has successfully filled more than 2,000 openings in 50 cities across more than sixteen countries; countries that include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and more.

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The Doctor Who Became An Entrepreneur

Doctors are mostly thought of as extremely well educated individuals who have a lot of education and who strive their whole lives to provide each of their patients with the very best care possible. They are not necessarily thought of as people that might explore other avenues of productivity and success. However, that is what Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has done.

It started in 1979 when Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade officially became an entrepreneur. It was at that time that he cleverly made a deal with a car dealership that owed him a vehicle. He had already made a down payment on a Ford Landau when the dealership that he bought it from went bust. They could not afford to deliver him the vehicle. Dr. Carlos decided that he would make them an offer to compromise. He wanted to take over the entire bankrupt dealership in exchange for letting them off the hook on the money that he put on that down payment.

It is no surprise that the dealership agreed to the terms of the deal, and the new company known as CAOA was created. These letters are connected to the initials of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He was now in business.

It took Dr. Carlos just six years from the moment he acquired that dealership until he was able to turn it around and make it the largest Ford dealership in the entire country of Brazil. More good fortune would come his way when the country created a law that opened up the opportunity to import foreign vehicles that had previously been banned. It was with that new law that Dr. Carlos and company was able to enjoy a more robust success in the form of even more sales from his dealership. These are the kind of things that can happen when you are someone who puts your success at the top of your priorities list. Dr. Carlos certainly has.

Some may think that a doctor cannot do much more beyond the practice of medicine, but that is just not the case. Dr. Carlos has proven that through his life example, and others are sure to follow.

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Steve Ritchie Rise to Power in Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie started working as a customer service representative of Papa John’s in 1996 and used to be paid 6 US Dollars hourly. Mr. Ritchie became the operator and the franchise owner of Papa John’s in 2006. He started serving in growing capacities of leadership in operations in 2010 until he became the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. In 2015, incorporated into the succession plan for the top job of the company and was made the President of the Company.

John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s, stated that he was profoundly proud of Steve Ritchie due to his outstanding excellence at each of his job at this company. He noted that Mr. Ritchie has served in several positions which range from working as an hourly customer service representative to a delivery driver, to the general manager of the store, to the operations director and finally as the President. He also added that Steve has the full potential to put the attention on their pizza and the most critical part which involves the members of their team. He also noted that they could not have any better leader to run Papa John’s via its next stage of growth and development other than Steve Ritchie.

As the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is expected to lead the company through global development. He is also expected to facilitate other services such as marketing brand, the evolution of both digital and customer experience. To attain his goals and objectives, Mr. Ritchie hired various experts to ensure that his ideas are put into reality. Some of the people that he hired include Mike Nettles as the Chief Information and Digital Officer, Brandon Rhoten as the other digital-first creation agency of record and the Chief Marketing Office. He also added Laundry Service and emphasized on technology and digital marketing. However, the critical focus of the company will mainly be on the team members.

In his remarks, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns affirmed that he is greatly humbled for this position. He also noted that they would deliver the world-class services that their customers are in search of by concentrating on their team members.

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