U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint Coin Set To Honor Queen Elizabeth II

There are many developments today in the progress of U.S. Money Reserve as one of the most trusted companies that can educate you about the fantastic opportunities involving gold today.

However, one of the most recent and exciting news about Money Reserve we can read is about its latest release of the U.S. Exclusive Perth Mint coin, which it launched during the 65th Anniversary Coronation event for Queen Elizabeth II. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

It may be necessary to mention here that the U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint collaboration release is not a repetitive event and can be safely called as a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that honors the Majesty Queen Elizabeth herself.

There are many reasons why she’s honored, but this mint coin is particularly created for the U.S. audience to commemorate the inspiration she has given to America’s people.

U.S. Reserve takes pride in the fact that it is the exclusive distributor of this three-coin memorabilia. An added factor that makes the coin more special is the fact that only 203 sets are made available by U.S.Money Reserve for the American market.

It is said that if something is rare, it becomes even more valuable. And this U.S. Reserve coin is one testament to such fact.

Another interesting fact about such memorabilia coin is that it features the St. Edward Crown that is known by the world as a symbol of the British monarch. You are also able to see the golden wattle in the coin, which is Austrailia’s floral emblem.

With such special attributes of the coin, it’s not surprising why Angela Koch, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve takes it as her source of pride to be the official exclusive U.S. distributor of such iconic pieces of silver and gold coins from Australia’s The Perth Mint. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.bizjournals.com/prnewswire/press_releases/2016/07/11/DA44330 and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-reports-how-to-protect-wealth-from-increasing-global-risks-in-exclusive-ebook-300475919.html

Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Sets are made possible with the help of The Perth Mint’s workforce who struck the coins from 99% pure silver and 99% pure gold. This makes the coins acceptable as legal tender, per the provisions made under the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has the trained numismatic professionals that are more than equipped to find various products that cater to the interests of buyers of precious metals across a variety of levels.

Founded in 2001, U.S.Money Reserve has now bloomed into one of the world’s most trusted and established private marketers of both foreign and U.S. government-permitted legal tender options, which may include silver and gold.

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