NGP VAN- Creator of political campaigns software

NGP VAN has worked with the Democratic Party, one of the biggest political parties in the world and has managed to assist it. It shows that the company is applying the right technologies which can work for other political organizations. With such opportunities being available to political parties, future elections will see technology even having a prominent role. NGP VAN believes in applying ethical technology solutions to help politicians and political parties to win elections.


Political campaigns attract cut-throat competition, and at times, political parties can apply techniques which will undermine the campaigns of the opponents. It is, therefore, necessary for political parties to hire the services of people who are competent enough to create websites and apps which cannot leak information. Hacking is another factor in campaigns. If you are to hire a company to assist with campaigns technology, it should have the technical know-how to stop any hacking attempts.


In political campaigns, the role of the database is key to creating an effective campaign strategy. Such database must be integrated with the mobile phone applications. Today, political parties do not need to keep paper records of voters register. Everything can be done paperless. However, paperless databases come at an extra cost of ensuring that a successful political campaign is rolled out. So, when choosing the company to hire in political contests, skills and professionalism is something that should be examined first. The stake is very high in elections, and there should be no allowance for people to mess around.


NGP VAN has proved the effectiveness of their campaign tools. By assisting former president Barack Obama to win the seat twice, their tools are definitely the best. The company has also proved that their technology is the best in political canvassing. An app that NGP VAN created known as Pollwatcher was critical to the success of the Democratic Party in the elections of 2012.


NGP VAN is based in Washington DC from where they carry out their activities. So far, they have made significant contributions to the success of Democrats elections as well as many other organizations around the world who are in need of technology-based solutions for political campaigns.


The changes brought by NGP VAN has taken us from the age where the only means of canvassing was meeting the voters in person or using televisions and radio stations to pass the message along. This has now changed, and campaigns are based on data available about the voter.

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