Planning for the Future- Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial expert who has been helping individuals in the greater Austin region. Richard trusts that everyone needs a plan to assist them in the management of their wealth as well as their retirement. The Austin community benefits from the advice given by Richard Dwayne on how to go through life’s milestone. To provide efficient and helpful information, Richard Blair follows a Three Pillar Approach as listed below.

Pillar One: in the first step Richard can draw the customer’s plan and in the program, he will know about their strengthens, weakness, their growth opportunities, as well as risks endurance. While designing the first pillar, Mr. Dwayne can connect solidly with his clients.

Second Pillar: at this stage, Richard knows what his client’s needs are, and he is ready to design a long-term plan for them. The strategy is custom made for the customer’s liquidity as well as their unique goals. Mr. Richard has the responsibility to relocate asset to take advantage of market performance during upward market movement.

The Third Pillar: this is the final pillar where after knowing the clients’ needs and the market, Richard moves to implement and monitor the plan. Richard observes, and executes the client by comparing their company’s, as well as individual goals.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial expert who has been in the investment and financial industry for over 23 years. Mr. Dwayne is also the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Wealth Solution Inc, a financial advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Richard comes from a teaching family, and he has felt the positive impact teaching has on the community that is why he opted to teach his community about finances. In 1994 Blair decided to use his previous work experience to establish Wealth Solutions. His decisions come from what he sees is beneficial to his clients and the organizations who visit him every day. Richard has become productive by preparing for the future and also thinking about the future. He continues to advise the younger generation to read more and make connections with like-minded individuals.

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Wolfe Herd Conquering The Dating Industry

The information age has been revolutionized by the rise of the internet which completely disrupted traditional industries. The rapidly developing technology industry has led to the emergence of numerous innovative companies such as Facebook, Amazon among others. A saddening fact is that the industry has been male-dominated. For instance, most founders of the leading technology firms are men. Bumble, therefore, attracted attention when it was founded and run by women.

Creation of the Bumble App

Bumble dating application founded by Whitney Wolfe. Prior to founding Bumble, she was the co-founder and VP of marketing at Tinder. She employed the experience she learned from Tinder to start her own dating firm. Throughout her life, Whitney Wolfe has worked hard to realize her vision of empowering women in the dating world and in the workplace.

Revolutionizing the dating industry

Tinder shot into fame by simplifying the connection between romantic partners. The company only brought efficiency but did not address some of the pertinent issues such as gender biases. However, Whitney Wolfe introduced a feature on Bumble that gave both women and men the same opportunities. She aimed to eradicate the traditional approach where men are expected to make the first move. The application gives women the freedom to start a conversation with a potential partner. The idea of women-centric approach in a dating firm has propelled Bumble to become a top dating application with almost thirty million users. Currently, the company is valued at over a billion dollars.Whitney Wolfe’s vision was to make Bumble more than a dating application. She has added new features such as Bumble BFF and bumble biz that allows users to not only connect on romantic intentions but also to develop business relationships. Just a few years after inception, the application has significantly improved to become a full social network.

Wolfe’s Background information

Wolfe’s success story can be traced back in her college years. She attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) where she majored in International Studies. While in college she demonstrated the skill of bringing fresh ideas in the market. Her first business was non-profit and involved selling bamboo tote bags to support the marine ecosystem damaged by oil spills. She partnered with celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp to develop women bags for various charity initiatives like the Help Us Project.

Building awareness and encouraging others

Bumble has partnered with the Los Angeles Clippers in an effort to build awareness of the brand. The deal estimated to cost twenty million dollars will see the NBA players wear patches that contain the Bumble logo. According to Wolfe Herd, there is no other sports team that has partnered with a women-driven brand.

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Vinod Gupta $100 bank loan

Vinod Gupta was born in India. He is known for taking a $100 bank loan into a company that eventually sold for $680 million dollars. Gupta graduated college from University of Nebraska and shortly after his idea of Everest Group was formed. He decided that there was a demand for business to business information. From there he developed and implemented methods that started database technology. Vinod Gupta made a point that having a great idea will become obsolete if there is no market need for it. Gupta used the $100 he borrowed and sent out market mailers which advertised his database services. Within 20 years, his company was valued at $500 million dollars and with the continued growth the company then became valued at $680 million dollars which is when he sold it. Now Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group which provides venture capital, private equity, and consulting services. He has also given back in terms of education by providing educational opportunities for those who would need assistance. He is responsible for building schools in India as well as providing funding for his alma mater. Also Gupta donated $1 million dollars to develop a women’s polytechnic school located in India. This school allowed independent women in India to obtain a postgraduate degree in as little as 24 months. Some areas of study include textile design, computer applications, information technology, and web design. Gupta has donated over $50 million dollars over the last two decades. This shows that helping others is truly what he inspires to do.

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Meet The Attorney Who Seeks Justice To the Abused, Jeff Herman

Everyone on the face of the earth was born for a purpose and until they come to the realization of why they were born, they will not benefit others. The underlying stimulant of happiness is serving others and you cannot serve others effectively if you don’t know why you’re on earth. Jeff Herman stumbled into his call when he was approached by a couple that was bitter that their child had been violated by one of the employees. This stirred Jeff and decided to follow up the case in order to bring the culprit to book and give justice to the child.

Prior to this, Jeff Herman was happily working as a litigator for various commercial businesses where he represented them in a court of law. Since meeting this couple, his pursuit shifted to being an attorney who seeks justice for the sexually abused, assaulted, raped and violated. Jeff Herman has grown to be one of the most recognized attorneys with his nationally renowned law firm, Herman Law. He serves as the managing partner and the Founder of this law firm.

Jeff Herman has given justice to various families and enabled them to regain their violated rights. He has been operating his law firm under some values like integrity, professionalism, and discipline that have earned him a name over the country for his best practices. He has a deep passion for giving aid and a hand to the victimized and marginalized. His Herman Law firm is well staffed with professionals in various units. The firm has a unique investigative unit that does tangible due diligence in any case while maintaining respect to the victim.

The consultation at Herman Law is. This means that the attorneys at this law firm are very committed for the firm to be successful the way it is. The way this law firm operates has boosted confidence, trust and loyalty in their clients. Jeff Herman usually gets clients through referrals and consultations where the affected client or their relative or friend comes. Whenever he changes the victims into survivors and gives them a reason to continue living, he gets very satisfied.

The vital facts of Randal Nardone that have made him successful

Randal Nardone lives in New York he attended the University of Connecticut where he received a degree in English and Biology. It’s not the only degree that he holds, but he has another one from the University of Boston School of law where he attained a degree in Doctor of Jurisprudence. Together with other two giants in the investment industry, Randal helped in the co-founding of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. In the same firm, he is the principal and the board of directors. From December 2011 to July 2013 in the firm, he is the interim CEO. Currently, at the Fortress he offers his service as the CEO of the company a position he has been overseeing the asset management of $43.6 billion. From August 2013 the time he got the position, and he has been there until now.

In all the financial and legal matters of the firm will always go through him.Before he joined the company Fortress Investment Group, at the UBS, he was offering his services as the managing director. In the position, he worked there from May 1997 to May 1998. Before him joining UBS, Robert Nardone was the principal at BlackRock Financial Management. At the Thacher Proffitt & Wood, he offered his services as the executive committee. Apart from the current position that Randal holds in the Brookdale Senior Living Nardone is the director. To date from 2004, he continues to offer his services in the Aircastle limited as a director. There are so many roles that Randal Nardone played at Fortress Investment Group that’s before the SoftBank decided that they wanted to purchase Fortress.

In the marketplace, the company was still leading, and they have been able to maintain the excellent reputation that they have.Employees of Fortress Investment Group attest to the satisfaction that they have working for the company and having a leader like Randal Nardone has made it easy for them too. The thing that Randal will expect from his team always is that they value teamwork if they employees work as a team then they are sure of achieving the shared goals. In the Forbes Billionaires list, Randal Nardone was on the list of 2007. Because at the time, he was having a net worth of $ 1.8 billion. The net value was received once the company he worked at went public in the same year 2007. Today in the Forbes Billionaire’s list he is the 557 th all over the globe.

Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings keeps three company places in Australia in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. The company provides shoppers with inventory-based loans to give capital for business enlargement, strategic investments, or different applications. Inventory-primarily based unrestricted loans are so the capital will also be used for any goal and are mostly non-recourse. Apart from its Australian workplaces, Equities First Holdings maintains places in Thailand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland, while the company headquarters are located in Indiana, U.S

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has supplied purchasers with choice financing options, offering capital in opposition to publicly traded inventory to enable valued clientele to meet their own professional goals. EFH provides capital around the world against public exchange trade shares. The business has accomplished greater than 700 transactions price more than $1.4 billion thus far, offering customers high value for their loans at a low interest. Equities First Holdings, LLC and all subsidiaries work exclusively with subtle buyers. Equities First Holdings is not meant for retail traders. Learn More.

Meet William Saito: As a successful businessman from Japan

William Saito is both a creator and the investor, and as a businessman currently working in Japan, he understands what entrepreneurs need to get going in the startup business niche. Many future startup companies can learn about his ideas on the topic of startups.

As the founder and CEO of InTecur, William Saito doles out essential advice for those start-ups when it comes to risk management. Intecur, Inc., is a Tokyo-based technology consultancy firm that provides critical services for customer and stakeholders like IT security, corporate strategies, and product development.

Saito’s company also has a business branch in Dubai, which functions as a value-added distribution company. Saito notes that as a marketer, the top priorities should be to communicate to the audience what roadblocks you can address as a troubleshooter, or critical things that make a product, brand or service that clients, customer, or stakeholders would consider believing in and buying. Saito notes that marketers should be cognizant of who your audience is and what they want and need from your services. William Saito notes that and what will make them interested in your company.

Saito’s comments about what it takes to succeed as a startup company is vital to the success of those startup companies that plan on approaching venture capitalists and potential investors. And these investors will be eager to know that your business services include and what your company can deliver. Stakeholders will be listening intently to your business pitches because they want to know what kind of return on investment (ROI) they can get from their stake in your company. As a startup company, investors and other stakeholders will need a clear picture of what your startup company can do, and if their infusion of capital will be worth their time.

If your company’s pitch to angel investors or other stakeholders, does not sell them from your presentation, then these investors may decide to not to take any chances by providing startup capital for your firm.

Intecur offers services to system integrators, resellers, and service providers throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Willam Saito’s company has a comprehensive network and high standards regarding their security solution strategy. For stakeholders and customers, Intecur is adamant about delivering a top level of customer support to its resellers. Intecur can cover requests by the client for networking and security services or critical help needed during a project’s lifecycle.

U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint Coin Set To Honor Queen Elizabeth II

There are many developments today in the progress of U.S. Money Reserve as one of the most trusted companies that can educate you about the fantastic opportunities involving gold today.

However, one of the most recent and exciting news about Money Reserve we can read is about its latest release of the U.S. Exclusive Perth Mint coin, which it launched during the 65th Anniversary Coronation event for Queen Elizabeth II. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

It may be necessary to mention here that the U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint collaboration release is not a repetitive event and can be safely called as a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that honors the Majesty Queen Elizabeth herself.

There are many reasons why she’s honored, but this mint coin is particularly created for the U.S. audience to commemorate the inspiration she has given to America’s people.

U.S. Reserve takes pride in the fact that it is the exclusive distributor of this three-coin memorabilia. An added factor that makes the coin more special is the fact that only 203 sets are made available by U.S.Money Reserve for the American market.

It is said that if something is rare, it becomes even more valuable. And this U.S. Reserve coin is one testament to such fact.

Another interesting fact about such memorabilia coin is that it features the St. Edward Crown that is known by the world as a symbol of the British monarch. You are also able to see the golden wattle in the coin, which is Austrailia’s floral emblem.

With such special attributes of the coin, it’s not surprising why Angela Koch, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve takes it as her source of pride to be the official exclusive U.S. distributor of such iconic pieces of silver and gold coins from Australia’s The Perth Mint. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Sets are made possible with the help of The Perth Mint’s workforce who struck the coins from 99% pure silver and 99% pure gold. This makes the coins acceptable as legal tender, per the provisions made under the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has the trained numismatic professionals that are more than equipped to find various products that cater to the interests of buyers of precious metals across a variety of levels.

Founded in 2001, U.S.Money Reserve has now bloomed into one of the world’s most trusted and established private marketers of both foreign and U.S. government-permitted legal tender options, which may include silver and gold.

NGP VAN- Creator of political campaigns software

NGP VAN has worked with the Democratic Party, one of the biggest political parties in the world and has managed to assist it. It shows that the company is applying the right technologies which can work for other political organizations. With such opportunities being available to political parties, future elections will see technology even having a prominent role. NGP VAN believes in applying ethical technology solutions to help politicians and political parties to win elections.


Political campaigns attract cut-throat competition, and at times, political parties can apply techniques which will undermine the campaigns of the opponents. It is, therefore, necessary for political parties to hire the services of people who are competent enough to create websites and apps which cannot leak information. Hacking is another factor in campaigns. If you are to hire a company to assist with campaigns technology, it should have the technical know-how to stop any hacking attempts.


In political campaigns, the role of the database is key to creating an effective campaign strategy. Such database must be integrated with the mobile phone applications. Today, political parties do not need to keep paper records of voters register. Everything can be done paperless. However, paperless databases come at an extra cost of ensuring that a successful political campaign is rolled out. So, when choosing the company to hire in political contests, skills and professionalism is something that should be examined first. The stake is very high in elections, and there should be no allowance for people to mess around.


NGP VAN has proved the effectiveness of their campaign tools. By assisting former president Barack Obama to win the seat twice, their tools are definitely the best. The company has also proved that their technology is the best in political canvassing. An app that NGP VAN created known as Pollwatcher was critical to the success of the Democratic Party in the elections of 2012.


NGP VAN is based in Washington DC from where they carry out their activities. So far, they have made significant contributions to the success of Democrats elections as well as many other organizations around the world who are in need of technology-based solutions for political campaigns.


The changes brought by NGP VAN has taken us from the age where the only means of canvassing was meeting the voters in person or using televisions and radio stations to pass the message along. This has now changed, and campaigns are based on data available about the voter.

OSI Industries- A century of growth

OSI Industries is one of the biggest food production companies in the world. Currently, it is operating in 17 countries, has over 65 production plants and has employed over 20,000 people. The company has risen from a small butcher shop in Chicago one century ago to now a significant player in the economy of the United States. Currently estimated to be worth over$6 billion, OSI Industries is a clearly a top company. The company is still evolving and spreading its business to more countries. It is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by David McDonald, the president, and the Chief Operating Officer.

OSI Industries has a long history. How did it transform from a butcher shop to a top food company globally? Its growth has been necessitated by demand for food, technological developments, and a management team that has its goals set on expanding the company. The emergence of chain restaurants was a big booster to OSI. The company which has its headquarters in Illinois got its first huge business opportunity after the McDonald’s was established.

OSI, then known as Otto & Sons got an opportunity to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s. As the McDonald’s expanded rapidly, there was pressure on OSI Industries to produce more food. This pressure is what finally got the management thinking about expanding its food production capacities and initiated transformation which have seen the company grow by leaps and bounds since the 1970s.

Earlier at the beginning of the 20th century, OSI was a butcher shop started by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. He was later joined by his two sons who assisted him to manage the company. In 1975, they were overwhelmed by the growth of the company and this is when Sheldon Lavin was brought in from the banking sector to assist in the management of finances.

Since Sheldon Lavin joined the firm, he has transformed the company significantly. Even after the two sons of Otto left, he remained committed to pushing the business further. The company started expanding supplies not only in the United States but also in other places.

OSI is currently operating in numerous countries directly or through subsidiaries. In recent times, it has focused on acquisitions in Asia and Europe mainly. Notable acquisitions include Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. The company under Sheldon Lavin is committed to improving the food production industry by focusing on production methods that promote food safety, sustainability and green practices.

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