Clay Siegall Is More Than A Doctor of Cancer Research

Do you have any knowledge about a company named Seattle Genetics? Are you interested in the subject at hand? Well, have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? Clay Siegall might be one of the most important persons in the fight against cancer. Siegall is the prominent leader of Seattle Genetics, which is a biotech company that specializes in fighting cancer. This man has written up to 70 successful publications that are cancer-related. In addition to that, he’s the holder of at least 15 patents. Patents are very important to cancer research, and patents are very important to any field of work. If you hold the patent to a product or service, then you can control your own destiny.

Siegall figured this out very early in his professional career. He was putting in plenty of hard work, but he wasn’t receiving the spoils-of-war because he didn’t hold any patents. “I’d be lying if I said that money wasn’t a big part of getting into this business,” said Siegall. On the other hand, Siegall has seen the devastating results of cancer. While in college, a family member of his was suffering with the disease. The disease took a toll on the person’s mind, body and soul. This is what lit the fire for Siegall and since he already had a strong interest for cancer research, this fire pushed him to become what he is today. Scientist, doctor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and businessman are all titles of Siegall.

Being the CEO of Seattle Genetics isn’t the easiest of jobs. This is a full-time gig that requires patience and perseverance. A ton of research goes into each product, and the products must be cleared before ever hitting the market. This Bothell, Washington-based company has saved millions of lives and with Dr. Clay Siegall onboard, better days are definitely on the horizon.

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