Jason Hope’s E-Book Helps Consumers Understand the IoT

There is a lot of new technology flooding the market. Humanity has certainly gotten good at making their lives easier by leaps and bounds in the tech industry. There are self-driving cars and smart homes all over the United States. Many people don’t remember what it was like for them before they had access to the internet or their smartphones. But what is the thing that keeps these objects connected and communicating so effectively? Jason Hope explains this network his new e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” that is available today on Amazon.com.

In his e-book, Hope talks about the Internet-of-Things or IoT. This IoT is essentially all the items that communicate with each other through the internet. The easiest way to explain it is a time clock machine that sends a worker’s time punch into a computer on a different floor of the same building that is then accessed by their manager. The information more than likely traveled through the internet from one device to another. While some may think of this strictly as a computer thing, there are many objects that can be entangled in the web that is IoT. Items such as GPS systems, ordering kiosks, and even washing machines can be on this network if they have been equipped with the proper components.

One of the key things that Hope touches on in his e-book is how to use IoT enabled devices and why they will be so important in the future. This makes security a very big concern for him as well. Due to the growing popularity of “smart” technology, increasingly more devices are going to be produced with components that enable them to access the internet. They will then join other objects that are continuously communicating with one another all over the web. Hope wants to prepare people for that eventuality because the use of such devices has been projected to grow exponentially.

Hope knows a lot about the IoT and tech industry because he has worked in it for quite some time. He received his MBA from Arizona State University and went on to found his own technology company. Over time, he grew the company and began to spread out in the industry. To this day, he still enjoys the reputation of a skilled businessman and a celebrated futurist. While technology can be complicated, purchasing Hope’s e-book is one of the easiest decisions that consumers can make.

About Jason Hope: angel.co/jason-hope

Rocketship Education: Taking on Tragedy

Feeling secure is something most people take for granted. Many people are not worried about their next meal or if they’ll have a place to live next week. However, this is a common fear among many low-income families. This feeling of fear is only exacerbated when natural disasters reel their ugly head. In addition to the normal loss and devastation faced by all the victims of these events, low income populations face the fear of lasting instability. When low-income families lose their homes and their personal effects it can take them years to recover. This was the case for families in San Jose when a river flooded destroying thousands of homes.

Among the victims were students from a local branch of Rocketship Education. This school is not only comprehensive in its educational style but in its response to struggling families. The relief efforts began informally with staff members and teachers offering whatever they could to needy families. The faculty rained warm meals and new clothes down on the victims however the struggles were far from over. In fact, after the flood waters receded the real problems began to show. Many student’s families were living paycheck to paycheck. In addition, a lot of the housing lost to the flood was the only rent controlled housing available in the area. This left struggling families in an impossible situation that threatened homelessness.

Ever dedicated to the stability and success of students and their families this was not something Rocketship Education could allow. The school reached out to Catholic charities in the area and together they were able to raise over $60,000. This money was set to work quickly to provide relief. Rocketship Education used these funds to help families replace basic essentials as well as funding security deposits on new housing or even coving deductibles on insurance. Through their efforts, they were able to help families recover significantly faster than they would have been able to otherwise.

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit charter school program that specializes in underserved communities. They are dedicated to helping students overcome the achievement gap and realize their potential. Founded in 2006 they manage over 20 schools. These schools have been recognized as some of the best available among disadvantaged communities.

Lori Senecal – Evidence That Anyone Can Make it in the Business World

In the field of marketing, there is high competition and takes a strong person with the right strategies to become successful. These are attributes that Lori Senecal knows well and has exploited them to the maximum making her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this field. She is a woman well known for her a robust personality and very knowledgeable in the world of marketing and advertising. She is the forerunner in coming up with groundbreaking techniques in advertising. Her specialization lies in high-tech resolutions that solve issues experienced in the business world. She is highly credible in advertising field which is something that made her secure a job at CP+B as the Global CEO.

Being right in communication is something that has helped her in being more productive by strategizing innovative approaches to establish solutions and grow the agency. Radical collaboration with talented people is also a force that has seen her become successful in the marketing world. She likes to consider the thoughts of other people of which she believes can end up hatching a great idea to make the business grow. Check out cpbgroup to know more.

Being a visionary leader and being focused on achieving is one thing that makes Lori Senecal productive as a Chief Executive Officer. No matter how great an idea can be, she believes its greatness can be felt and seen when it’s executed. That is why one should remain concentrated in their vision and ensure their plans are actualized. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Technologically, Lori Senecal is not left behind where she loves utility applications. This is something that can be understood as they facilitate how she conducts herself considering she operates globally. She is on social media sites like Twitter which gives her an overview of global occurrences and Instagram which helps her to capture memories as travel around the world.

Fear and distractions are things that she advises people venturing into the world of marketing to avoid by all means. She says everything can look more prominent and hard to achieve at first encounter but staying focused and being courageous can see one achieve great results beyond their expectations. Lori Senecal is evidence that anyone can make it in the business world.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=24442630&privcapId=379819

Talkspace: Why Wait Any Longer?



In the battle of mental health, it is important to take care of it right away as opposed to waiting any longer. This is a crisis when someone is suffering and there is no need to downplay it. There is also no need to act like a tough guy or a tough girl and try to be a hero. You need to admit you are in pain and something is not right with you. The sooner you do that; the better off you will be in the long run of your life. You will have the tools you need to battle life and whatever it throws your way, as it can be a roller coaster at times to say the least.

Talkspace is the company that is reinventing therapy and the way it is done. For most people that need help, therapy is out of reach for them because of money. They simply can’t afford it and it is too expensive. Those days are long gone for people. They don’t need to worry about money because Talkspace has a texting plan that is only 32 dollars a week for daily text messages to a therapist. That is simply incredible and too good to pass up. No one is going to find that anywhere else on the planet earth.

Talkspace has over 1,000 professionals that can handle any type of mental health issue. There is no such thing as a small problem. They treat all of the problems with attention, care, and empathy. They take great pride in what they are doing, and they know it is a job that needs to be done. They know there are a lot of people that are not getting the help they need and they want to be the source of help for them.