Why Amazon Available Fabletics Recommends Their Lifestyle Quiz

Athletic wear for women used to be ho-hum boring. Then Kate Hudson took charge. She has revolutionized this brand’s power with women today. Customers decide if it is good enough for Kate, it must be stylish. Everyone knows that Hollywood celebrities are known for having a good eye for fashion. Kate loves Fabletics clothing. Being a busy woman, Kate is a good example of why this brand is selling so fast. Women on the go need clothing that keeps up with their lifestyles. Fabletics delivers with superior construction, top quality fabrics and upbeat looks fit for walks down a red carpet or a neighborhood grocery store.


Now available on Amazon, Fabletics is steaming full ahead. Instead of picking showroom outfits the conventional way, Fabletics designed what is their reverse showroom business model. They encourage every welcome customer to spend a few moments taking their online revealing Lifestyle Quiz. What is inputted by the customers gets into this company’s smart data system. This is what gets onto the store’s display racks and online shop stock inventories. The bonus to this process is that Fabletics is able to rapidly change the direction at any time. Their reverse showroom strategy truly gives customers their desired wants.


The Lifestyle Quiz allows customers to narrow their clothing picks with a few smart questions. In addition, the store computer system remembers each customer’s likes and dislikes. When customers get online, they see truly individualized selections to choose. Taking the simple to do Lifestyle Quiz helps women determine their likes, sizes, color preferences and degree of activity. The computer is able to take this personal information and recommend in stock clothing options. Many of Fabletic’s lines offer easy mix and match availability to stretch wardrobes even further. Women are loving the ease of Fabletic’s personalized shopping services.


Kate Hudson has changed how Fabletics approaches their design process. As a true fashionista, Kate only agrees to approve clothing designs that live up to her high fashion and quality standards. This includes better fit, and more appealing color choices in athletic wear. Women are demanding better made outfits, and Kate is ensuring that Fabletics delivers. Nobody could have predicted the impressive success of Fabletics. Many point to Kate as a primal reason for this fashion company’s newfound market. Kate believes that every woman deserves good fitting, classy clothes that stay comfortable all day long. What will Fabletics do next?

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