Boraie Developing To Enhance New Jersey Skyline And Lifestyles

The State Theatre in New Jersey is a non-profit venue that has been known for some quite notable events over the years. It holds a prestigious position in New Brunswick, and ever since 1921 many people have vied for the chance to perform for the audience that can number up to 1,800 according to the capacity limits. Last summer was an excellent one for the location as free movies were shown throughout the season.

Sam Boraie is the vice president at Boraie Development, and she had a say in putting the event on by providing support from her company. As in the years before, and likely 2017 as well, there were six movies shown to the community so that the young people in the area could get a chance to experience the venue up close and personal with some movies that intrigue them. It is all part of the mission to continue to provide affordable entertainment to the families in the area who might not otherwise have a chance to get out and enjoy themselves in such a manner.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Hiam is the daughter of Omar Boraie who serves as the president of the firm, and her father is a visionary who had a plan to help revitalize the New Brunswick area. He has made many steps in that direction through a constant collaboration with others in the community in order to provide excellent urban real estate development to the city. One of the latest ventures is a residential high-rise named The Aspire. That is certainly something that more people need to be doing (aspiring) as Omar has brought forth many projects from his beginning in a time when there were few people and not much interest in building spectacular properties that could be the envy of neighboring locations. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

It is partnerships like this one with the State Theatre that continue to push for progress in New Jersey, and this has made Boraie Development one of the most in-demand real estate names in the state. Another great project of the firm is betting that millennials will continue to make Atlantic City their destination, and he has built The Beach at South Inlet for a price of about $81 million. There are 250 luxury units that are outfitted with some of the latest in high-tech gadgets and appliances while being close to the casinos that so many enjoy. There should be many great things ahead for the urban real estate magnate.

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