On September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey, an American mathematician was born

Michael Lacey has a passion for mathematics and because of his hard work and everlasting love for the field of mathematics, he has become one of the country’s most expeditiously rising mathematicians.

He curiosity for mathematics started as a child, and has only become more empowering as he completed his studies. He chose to become a mathematics professor as a way to teach the next generation about mathematics.

Michael received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas in 1981. He then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and was awarded his Ph.D in 1987. He did his thesis on the area of probability in Banach Spaces, in which it formed the basis of his thesis.

Michael Lacey is currently a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Mathematics. For nearly two decades, he has been teaching the subject of mathematics.

The first place he taught was Louisiana State University (LSU), he was an assistant professor here. He then went to the University of North Carolina in which he took the same position.

After these two positions, he was hire with Indiana University for a seven year period, in which he then left for the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. The position at Georgia Institute of Technology proved to be what he was looking for, it was an assistant professor position that offered a guaranteed tenure.

He accepted the assistant professor position, in which three years later, he was offered and accepted a position as full professor and he has been with the Georgia Institute of Technology ever since. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Michael Lacey does more than just teaching and relaying current knowledge of mathematics to others. He has also made a substantial contribution to providing information of existing knowledge to ensure there is a continued growth in this field. He has authored or co-authored research papers and 108 publications.

He has earned the trust of several grant organizations, receiving most recently a three-year grant by the Australian Research council, in 2015. He has received grants amounting to over $3 million.

Michael Lacey has also been involved in editing positions and in 2006 he was the editor of “Journal of Geometric Analysis”. As well, he served as “harmonic analysis editor” for the “Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society”, from the years 2005 through 2011. This an acceptance rate of twenty-five percent, which translates to around twenty to eighty papers submitted annually.

Michael Lacey has been noted for being a hard working mathematician, and has made quite a name for himself. He has been invited to and accepted many short-term as well as visiting posts for a number of universities around the world.

In 1998, Michael Lacey was given the symbolic honor of a 45-minute speech for the International Congress of Mathematics. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CVXnps0AAAAJ&hl=en

He has received the “Guggenheim Fellowship” in 2004, for his joint work with Xiaochun Li., and in 2012 he a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

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