Set Free Credit Card Debt with Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews


Freedom Debt Relief, established in 2002 puts its customers first. With over $7 billion settled with debtors and over 40,000 settlements per month, Freedom Debt Relief removes the strain and burden of credit card debt with reliable and knowledgeable customer service reps.

Rita J.

After having her daughter and opening several credit cards, Rita J. felt swamped and in over her head in debt. She felt she was suffocating in over $20,000 worth of credit card debt. Any problems she had with debt collectors was settled with Freedom Debt Relief. As she puts it, “Life after Freedom Debt Relief has brought balance to my life”.

Kayvon P.

Not wanting to back out of his credit debt and facing bankruptcy he finally picked up the phone and called Freedom Debt Relief. Kayvon said “it’s not something that happens overnight” and “that paying the minimum payment is the biggest mistake”. Now with only an electricity and water bill he breathes a sigh of relief and sleeps well at night thanks to Freedom Debt Relief.

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