Rick Libby, the Head of Traveling Vineyard, Knows That Relating Well with Key Players in a Business is the Secret for Growth

Sitting at the helm of the award winning wine company, The Traveling Vineyard is Rick Libby. Before acquiring the firm in 2010, he had worked as a leader in many organizations, such as Marriot, Cendant Corporation, MoveCentral and Student Advantage among others. He had bounced on the idea of the unique business model by chance. During his tenure at Geerlings and Wade, his boss tasked him with an assignment of designing a creative strategy for sales. It was at that time that a friend referred him to a home-demonstration strategy. He has since embraced the model even after leaving the company.


The Traveling Vineyard has embraced technology in its growth strategy, which ensures that it is never left behind. Each year, a new idea is brought to the table, which helps the firm to be innovative. For instance, Sammology and Awesomm are The Traveling Vineyard’s innovations that simplify the work of the wine guards. While the latter helps them process orders easily, the former helps them make the best pairing of wine and food.

Best Leadership

Besides being innovative, the company has benefited a lot from good leadership. Rick Libby has devised the best strategy to ensure that The Traveling Vineyard remains at the top. Half of his working hours in a day are dedicated to the strategic plan, the staff, and the wine guides. His past failures have taught him the best approach to grow businesses. His advice to companies is to create a budget that covers the high initial costs while projecting for revenue in a gradual upscale manner. With wine being a favorite drink for many Americans, Libby is optimistic that his business has a promising future.

Good Working Relationship

Another catalyst that has fueled the growth at The Traveling Vineyard is the ability to value the customers, staff, and wine guides. While good compensation is one tool that enhances the relationship with employees, the firm looks much deeper. The policies and guidelines are flexible and aimed at bringing the parties closer for a friendly and fun atmosphere. The wine guides enjoy a great deal of freedom. The company refrains from imposing unnecessary regulations and sets them free to work the best way they deem fit. Such traits have led to many entrepreneurs joining the firm.

About The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard uses home tasting parties to market its wines. The firm uses wine guides who are extensively trained on wines. The opportunity offers them a flexible work schedule and a chance to earn a good percentage in commissions. They are also allowed to recruit others into the networks, which increase their earnings.

The clients get to taste the wines before purchasing, allowing them to buy what pleases them. They also benefit from the knowledge of the guides, for example in food pairings.

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