Lacey and Larkin – Their Endless Journey to Stop the Minority Discrimination

The two courageous men fighting for the rights of minorities mainly migrating from Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and South America, these brave heroes were Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin.

They got their inspiration to help the minorities providing them with their basic rights that every human deserves, after observing the crisis in European Refugee camps. So, they started helping the minorities in their own country, these minorities were mostly the people who were migrating from underdeveloped states and countries, and were coming to America for better jobs, opportunities and good living style.

The Frontera Fund was established to help the minorities by providing them with funds so that they can start rebuilding their lives in a new way, for better future. This fund was rewarded to them as a reward for winning a lawsuit which they had filed against Maricopa County. Lacey and Larkin helped so many people across the border and helped them get their basic rights.

They treated everyone with kindness and now in any crisis and in the hour of need all those people come and help them or give them back something as a form of thank you for their kindness.

Before the Frontera fund was made, Lacey and Larkin were reporters and executive of Phoenix New Times. This publication was established when they both were college students and were completing their education.

The did everything to made this publication well known and were quite successful in that, this publication is well reputed and has become the most popular publication of states. This publication then worked worldwide and did partnerships with many other companies, growing itself and becoming well-known publishers of states.

Lacey and Larkin believed that this publication would last forever, but certainly they were wrong, after writing the truth about Maricopa County Sheriff. This publication then faced its downfall, they wrote an article explaining the corruption sheriff was doing and why was he being investigated and what were the results of the investigations.

Thus, this story was all twisted, and they were arrested for invading anyone’s privacy and taking law in their hands. The sheriff filed a case against them, sending them legal notices and he wanted them to take off his information from website down and identifying all the people who have his information. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Media coverage focused on Lacey and Larkin arrestment, that how illegal it was. And the media also held massive rallies supporting Larkin and lacey, media held massive rallies in major cities of united states, and after all these rallies and media coverage this protest got a lot of public attention, the public demanded that they should be free, and their case should be taken down.

Because of this massive movement, both of them were free without any investigation the very next day, and the judge handling the case didn’t put any charge on them. Then in response, they both filed a counter lawsuit against Maricopa County.

The judge took Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin’s side, and thus the sheriff had to provide the compensation to these two for filing false accusations on them. This is where the Frontera Fund was established; they received $3.75, from which they helped the minorities across the borders.


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