How Securus Technologies Phone System Caught a Fugitive

When my fugitive task force has to locate a dangerous suspect, we will go to any length to ensure no one in our city is harmed. We were dealing with a very dangerous individual this week, and he was using his deep ties with family and friends to stay one step ahead of us.


Each time we started to zero in on his next target, we would get tips from informants sending us to locations where nothing was happening. He had is family calling in fake leads to keep us off the trial, knowing that we had to follow each tip that was called in.


We put his entire family under surveillance, but by now they were very good at never going anywhere that would tip us off to the fugitive. The only solid lead we had was that his brother was recently arrested for a crime and serving 3 months in a local prison. We decided this may be our only chance to get some solid information.


Securus Technologies placed the monitoring system in that jail, it is used by the corrections officers to listen to when inmates are using the telephone. My thoughts were if we could get the brother upset, he may hit the phones and give us some type of lead. The LBS software can do the work of several officers, allowing the officers to have access to all the calls in a seconds notice.


When we finished interrogating the brother, like we expected, he ran to the phones to call his mother. What we discovered was the mother was playing the police, acting frail and weak, but she was cunning and doing everything she could to keep her baby on the streets and out of custody. Her conversation with her son that was in jail revealed more than they hoped, and we made the arrest later that night.


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