Securus Technology Thrives To Give the Best services

The rate of crime is slowing going down in the country due to the efforts of Secures Technology. The firm is known to use innovations and technology system to deal with crime and criminal activities. It is one of the major suppliers of communication in prison, tracking of parole, and the solution of government information. It serves over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states and more than one million inmates nationwide.


The company whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1986. It has regional offices located in Allen, Atlanta, Carrollton, Georgia, and Texas. It has employed of 1000 workers and has contracted with over 2200 correctional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They focus on making of products that are used by the correctional facilities and law centers to gain any information of criminal activity taking place. When they get the information on time, the law enforcement can take action. Thus, this helps to reduce crime.


Since the company strives to give the best when it comes to matters of security by using technology and electronics, it acquired Jpay Inc. Securus, for a long time, has been admiring the work that Jpay Company was doing in the prisons. Jpay is a champion technical firm that has launched emails, electrical payments, as well as educational applications and a host of entertainment to over 33 state prisons.


The merge has turned Securus into the wildest rising segments in corrections. It offers all that is a high tech software based, which aid the correction agencies to be able to run a modern prison. The products that Securus make have a tremendous value to the government, prison, relatives, and the inmates. The focus of the new merger is to improve quality products and gain the espousal on a huge scale.




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