Fabletics: Making Activewear Popular In The Marketplace

Millions of people shop online everyday. Many look to Amazon.com as their source for everything retail. While Amazon may be the king of the retail industry, there is one company that is trying to push up in the ranks. This company is called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. The company is now worth over $250 million. Fabletics is part of an activewear industry. Many people love to wear activewear to work out, to lounge in, and to go outside. Activewear is an industry that is growing and continuously making money. Fabletics is successful in the activewear industry because of their business model. Fabletics uses a subscription model to garner customers and attention. This subscription model is very simple. Customers will open an account on the Fabletics website, then they will shop on the website, and every month they can get a pair of active wear from the website. Customers love the convenience of Fabletics. Customers also like high-value brands. In the past, people consider a high-value brand as a brand that is good in price and quality. Nowadays, people are considering a high-value brand based on customer experience, brand recognition, and design. Fabletics is considered a high-value brand that many young people love to shop from. Many people like to shop from Fabletics because they believe that the brand is aspirational. Many people love to shop from brands that they can relate to and have an emotional connection. The membership is growing steadily. Currently, Fabletics is planning on opening more stores, that will add to the 16 they currently have in the United States. The company is planning on opening stores in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii.


Many people would love to know what is the secret behind the company’s success. The company would tell you that their success is because of their personalized service and on trend clothing and design. Fabletics does a wonderful job of figuring out what their customers want and need. By figuring out what their customers want and need, they can give their customers a great experience from the start. Another tactic that the company is using is called reverse showrooming. Many companies are losing revenue due to showrooming. Showrooming is the process of a customer going to the store to browse clothes after they leave to go to another place to buy it for a cheaper price. Fabletics has used this to their advantage. When a customer looks at clothes at a Fabletics store, they have the option of purchasing it in store or online. When a customer browses clothing in a Fabletics store, that item of clothing goes automatically in their online shopping cart. By using these tactics, 50% of people that go to a Fabletics store are already members or they become members in the store.


Fabletics has great items that young women adore. Their leggings are some of the best in the industry. Their leggings are stylish, soft, and comfortable. Their leggings come in a variety of designs and colors.

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