Screening for Health Issues Can Save Your Life

Knowing early that you have a disease or disorder can be the difference between your survival and your deterioration. You should have yourself screened for certain conditions regularly so that you can catch them before they start to break you down. A seasoned expert can develop a stellar plan that will keep you healthy even in what seems like the worst condition ever. Life Line Screening is a company that consists of a group of specialists that focus on preventive care. They use three methods to test people for some of the most common and the most deadly conditions. They provide the clients with test results to let them know how they are doing when they are finished with the test battery.

Types of Health Screenings

The Life Line Screening specialists may use one of three types of screening for a person that desires a screening. The first type of test that may be used is the regular blood test. The phlebotomist or specialist may use a finger-prick testing module to check for certain conditions. A different specialist may use an ultrasound for other tests. The third type of test is the EKG. It may be used to pinpoint heart conditions.


An interested person can get a complete Life Line Screening today by making a phone call. The number to the facility is 800-718-0961. The alternative to making a call is to schedule the appointment online. The person can simply click on the “schedule a screening” link and then answer all the questions that the form asks for. Life Line Screening can take tests for heart disease, lung cancer, COPD, diabetes, prostate cancer and more. Once something shows up on the screen, the client can consult with a specialist and create a viable plan for recovery. If you’re interested in Life Line Screening, you can schedule your appointment for testing today. Early diagnosis is half the battle.

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