There are several key belongings you need to understand earlier than you can purchase an ozone generator. before going into information, however, it’s miles crucial to word that we’re speaking approximately corona discharge kind ozone generators. those are the maximum critical form of industrial/business ozone turbines. There are other kinds of ozone generators, but non corona discharge gadgets are primarily to be used in small scale programs, generating generally much less than 1/2 a pound in line with day or much less than 10 grams per hour of ozone.

this article will overview the important thing selection factors and how it relates to various programs for ozone and the impact on the value of an ozone generator.

the key elements include:

1. Output: this is how a good deal ozone the machine makes, usually quoted in grams in step with hour or kilos in line with day.

2. awareness: Ozone may be produced at exclusive concentrations ranging from 1-12 weight percentage. The concentration of ozone has an effect on maximum packages and also impacts gadget output.

three. fuel Feed: you should have a supply of feed gasoline containing oxygen, there are three alternatives: dry air, oxygen concentrated from air or bought oxygen (both as liquid oxygen (LOX) or compressed oxygen in cylinders).

4. Generator Cooling: Ozone generator create warmness that need to be removed, the options for getting rid of this warmth are air cooling or water cooling.

selecting the right mixture of features depends strongly at the software. for example, in water treatment applications higher concentrations of ozone are used even as in air remedy packages decrease concentrations can be decided on.

Ozone Generator Output

that is the most essential element in deciding on an ozone generator. the quantity of ozone required is primarily based at the application necessities. If the ozone is being used for removal of organic contaminants from water, the amount of ozone is proportional to the amount of organic within the water, the performance of the ozone natural response and the efficiency of dissolving the ozone into the water.

As a selected instance, ozone is often used to reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water. COD is measured in ppm (milligrams in step with liter – mg/l). It typically takes 2 mg of ozone according to mg of COD to eliminate the COD. So, if we needed to deal with 10,000 liters in step with hour of water containing 50 ppm of COD we would need:

10,000 liters/hour X 50 mg/l COD x 2 mg Ozone/mg COD = a million mg/hour

one million mg/hour = 1,000 g/hour = 1 kg/hour

So, we would want to dissolve 1 kg/h of ozone (or 52.eight pounds according to day of ozone)

less than a hundred% of the ozone injected inside the water dissolves, so we want to recognize the ozone switch performance. A well designed venturi injection machine can dissolve as a minimum 90% of the ozone. For the case above, you will want 1 kg/h รท 0.90 = 1.11 kg/h (fifty eight.7 pounds per day of ozone). that is the quantity of ozone we might ought to produce at the focused attention to dissolve the 1 kg/h of ozone into water.

important: A given system will produce less ozone as the awareness of ozone increases. Ozone transfer efficiency, the charge at which ozone dissolves into water increases with increasing ozone awareness. each factors will decide the very last length of the device required.

determining the quantity of ozone required, besides for the only programs, calls for laboratory or pilot research combined with an engineering evaluation to choose the right balance among ozone dose, concentration and generator length. usually, an ozone generator agency will now not be able to provide this information. If they could assist, there will be a further fee for accomplishing the studies.

Ozone attention

As cited above, ozone attention can affect each the effectiveness of ozone in a given application and the amount of ozone that can be constructed from a given ozone generator. essentially, excessive attention ozone fees greater, but can do more in certain applications. business corona discharge structures produce everywhere from 1 weight percentage ozone to twelve weight percent ozone. fuel treatment programs normally use the 1-three percentage range even as water remedy software usually use five-10 percent.

An critical aspect of ozone attention is in comparing exclusive ozone mills. manufacturers use unique bases for claiming the nominal output of an ozone generator. normally, you need to read the quality print to look what attention they use to assert a given manufacturing charge.

as an example:

Output (g/h) awareness (%) rate

supplier #1 60 6 $five,500

provider #2 60 4 $three,800

At comparable concentrations the results would appearance exceptional:

provider #2 60 6 $6,000

(g/h = grams/hour)

So, to pretty examine machines you need to realize the quantity of ozone produced at a awareness of hobby together with the value of the generator. this may allow you to examine ozone mills “apples to apples”.

Ozone Generator gas Feed

Ozone mills can run on numerous oxygen resources such dry air, focused oxygen or bought oxygen as a feed fuel. First, a short discussion of feed gases. initially, ozone turbines in particular labored with air because the feed gasoline. Air consists of about 20% oxygen and handiest the oxygen can be converted to ozone. the use of air as the feed gasoline, the most economic awareness of ozone that can be acquired is about 3 weight percentage.

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