How Eucatex Group has gradually grown

Being a President of a multi-billion company and an executive entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf has been able to make a name for himself as one of the best business minded individuals in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex, which is an innovative organization responsible for using unique materials to bring about unique products such as tiles.

Ever since he was young, Flavio was always enticed by the manufacturing business, and this got him through all the ups and downs he went through before being the President of Eucatex. His interest in the construction business made him enroll at FAAP where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. He now had the knowledge of all things manufacturing but now had to learn how to administer a business according to Thus, he went to New York and enrolled at the New York University where he studied administration.

After he had graduated from the New York University and earned his administration degree, he went back to Brazil to implement what he had learned. With a good education background, he was not afraid to face the business world at In 1987, he started working Eucatex Group working hard with the same passion and dedication. His first job was under the trade sector but later moved to the industrial sector. He worked in the industry sector before being appointed an executive position. He had been employed in the enterprise for more than twenty years, and in those years, he rose from the bottom to the top. He was able to become the president of the firm, and this didn’t astonish people. Flavio was known for his hard work and passion when it came to success on

Being the president of Eucatex Group, he has put it his
priority to ensure the organization continues expanding and dominate the business industry in Brazil. He has been able to achieve this by creating new products and still modernize Eucatex facilities. The company on has also increased its profits through building new products and upgrading the facilities. What has enabled Flavio to handle the Eucatex team is the fact that he had worked under different departments before becoming the president. He is now in a position of understanding every operation and believes with the help of his knowledge and experience; he will continue taking Eucatex places.

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