Social Justice Remains High On The Priorities List Of George Soros

The life and work of George Soros is often seen as covering just two different areas, which are commonly seen as those of his support for many different political candidates and causes and his record breaking work as a hedge fund manager. In fact, George Soros has led an amazing and colorful life that has seen him become one of the world’s top investment specialists and a philanthropist with an eye on spreading democracy and social justice around the world; through George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and his range of Super PAC’s that are fighting to develop these areas for millions of people trapped in unfair or closed societies.

In his philanthropic work according to, George Soros has often sought to put right the problems that have affected him in his own life, including a period of his childhood that affected him as he was stranded beneath two tyrannical regimes. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros lived under Nazi Occupation towards the close of World War II and was then forced to live under Communist rule when the Eastern Bloc was formed following the close of hostilities; the experience of living as a follower of the Jewish faith in constant fear for his own safety led to Soros embarking on a refugee journey that would take him to London and later to financial success on the New York financial markets mentioned on Politico. Seeing himself as a citizen of the world is something George Soros seems to have developed from a long tradition in his own family; Tividar Soros, George’s father spent much of his life trying to develop the language of Esperanto, a newly created language of the 1880s developed as a global way of communicating.

At the close of 2016 the success George Soros had achieved as a hedge fund manager led to him amassing a fortune estimated at over $25 billion; Soros has not been happy to simply create his won wealth, but sees his own life mission as being one of exploring the social and political issues facing the people of the world and addressing them with the aid of his vast wealth on Snopes. Using his time spent as a student of the philosopher Karl Popper for inspiration, George Soros has been looking for ways to take the ideas of the philosopher and bring them to the attention of the world. Establishing the Open Society Foundations in 1993 is seen as one of the major steps taken by George Soros in exploring ways of bringing social justice, human rights, and democracy to the people of the world, including those living in supposedly free societies like the U.S. and European Union.

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