The Best Scotch Brands on the Market


Scotch is a type of whiskey that in made in Scotland that is made of mostly made from malted barley. Often mixed with sweeteners such as honey, spices, and sugar, this spirit is also mixed in beverages such as water, juice, wine, soda, bitters, and liquor. The most expensive bottle of Scotch was a single bottle of Macallan “M” from 1940 that sold for $631,850 at an auction in Hong Kong January of 2014. Even though bottles of scotch are not that expensive, here are some of the best whiskey brands on the market today.


The Macallan 25 Year Old Sherry Oak. Known for its high-end brand, Macallan does not disappoint the discriminating palate. This 25-year-old scotch has the smell and taste of fruit with a hint of honey flavor.


Old Pulteney 35 Year Old is a good cheap whiskey that has distributed 450 cases worldwide during its first release. It is a single malt that develops slowly with sweet and smokey notes in its flavor.


Chivas Regal, 18-Year-Old, is an award-winning, smooth and balanced scotch that is blended with 20 rare single malts from Scotland. It has a subtle flavor of smoke with a long finish.


Known for producing fine scotch since the 1700’s, Bowmore is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Bowmore 25-Year-Old Scotch continues this tradition of excellent whiskey with its fruit-filled flavor and syrupy sweetness with just the right amount of smoke.


With influences from peat and sherry casks, Springbank 12-Year-Old has a cask strength with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and water upon opening.

Evolution of Smooth Revolutionizes Industry

Never heard of Evolution of Smooth? Sure you have – EOS is the second best-selling lip balm on the market. And its name really does say it all. The company’s history is fascinating, and the creators only very recently started talking about exactly how they created their brand and revolutionized the industry.

Before EOS lip balm, the monotony of the lip balm industry made the brands indistinguishable from each other, save for price. It seemed that the only way lip balms wanted to compete was through price gouging.

The creators of EOS believed that they could come up with something better. Thusly, ‘The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile’ was created. It wasn’t as simple as that, though. They actually put in a lot of research to discover that women were the biggest buyers of lip balm, and even more to figure out what they DIDN’T like about the current brands.

The EOS brand lip balm is known for is more natural ingredients, a wide variety of interesting flavors, and cute product packaging. All of this was by design and meant to bring joy to the people who purchased lip balms.

With a Target audience of Millennial women aged 25 – 35 and a Facebook marketing campaign that took the industry by storm (influencer marketing), EOS quickly rose through the ranks.

Now, it’s quite common to see even the oldest lip balms in the industry coming out with new flavors, overhauling their packaging, and venturing into fun and funky advertising territories.

But none of it would have happened without EOS lip balm. They have completely reinvigorated a relatively plain market, making it not just functional, but fun. They have helped to ensure that it’s not just a stable market, but a growing one. This is backed up by the fact that the lip balm industry is expected to become a $2 billion industry by 2020 – only a few very short years away!


An Overview of the Amazing Career of Karl Heideck

Overview of the Amazing Career of Karl HeideckA litigator is someone who oversees the entire process of a trail. Often confused with trial lawyers, litigators oversee the entirety of a case, whereas lawyers present their case in a courtroom. Long before the trial is presented in a courtroom and after the verdict has been declared, litigators are there for every step of the process.

Becoming a litigator involves successful completion of a degree, the Juris Doctor, and the bar exam. If you are interested in choosing a career as a litigator, the pay is often great. However, be prepared to spend more than a few years studying and passing courses to officially become a litigator.

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 yearsAfter passing the requirements, Karl Heideck began his career working for an attorney and learning more about becoming an effective litigator. Filing motions and appeals for many defendants helped to teach Karl Heideck more about the what great litigation entailed. These early days quickly taught this man the scope of effective litigation, including: investigations, pre-trial, trial, settlements, and appeals. Heideck would continue to fine tune his professional skills into the amazing legacy he has built for himself.

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years. He specializes in risk management and practices of compliance at a law firm that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the past decade, Karl Heideck has become particularly well-known for his time spent as a commercial litigator. The future looks especially bright for Heideck, as his talent continues to helps people and businesses across Philadelphia and beyond.

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How Eucatex Group has gradually grown

Being a President of a multi-billion company and an executive entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf has been able to make a name for himself as one of the best business minded individuals in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex, which is an innovative organization responsible for using unique materials to bring about unique products such as tiles.

Ever since he was young, Flavio was always enticed by the manufacturing business, and this got him through all the ups and downs he went through before being the President of Eucatex. His interest in the construction business made him enroll at FAAP where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. He now had the knowledge of all things manufacturing but now had to learn how to administer a business according to Thus, he went to New York and enrolled at the New York University where he studied administration.

After he had graduated from the New York University and earned his administration degree, he went back to Brazil to implement what he had learned. With a good education background, he was not afraid to face the business world at In 1987, he started working Eucatex Group working hard with the same passion and dedication. His first job was under the trade sector but later moved to the industrial sector. He worked in the industry sector before being appointed an executive position. He had been employed in the enterprise for more than twenty years, and in those years, he rose from the bottom to the top. He was able to become the president of the firm, and this didn’t astonish people. Flavio was known for his hard work and passion when it came to success on

Being the president of Eucatex Group, he has put it his
priority to ensure the organization continues expanding and dominate the business industry in Brazil. He has been able to achieve this by creating new products and still modernize Eucatex facilities. The company on has also increased its profits through building new products and upgrading the facilities. What has enabled Flavio to handle the Eucatex team is the fact that he had worked under different departments before becoming the president. He is now in a position of understanding every operation and believes with the help of his knowledge and experience; he will continue taking Eucatex places.

Social Justice Remains High On The Priorities List Of George Soros

The life and work of George Soros is often seen as covering just two different areas, which are commonly seen as those of his support for many different political candidates and causes and his record breaking work as a hedge fund manager. In fact, George Soros has led an amazing and colorful life that has seen him become one of the world’s top investment specialists and a philanthropist with an eye on spreading democracy and social justice around the world; through George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and his range of Super PAC’s that are fighting to develop these areas for millions of people trapped in unfair or closed societies.

In his philanthropic work according to, George Soros has often sought to put right the problems that have affected him in his own life, including a period of his childhood that affected him as he was stranded beneath two tyrannical regimes. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros lived under Nazi Occupation towards the close of World War II and was then forced to live under Communist rule when the Eastern Bloc was formed following the close of hostilities; the experience of living as a follower of the Jewish faith in constant fear for his own safety led to Soros embarking on a refugee journey that would take him to London and later to financial success on the New York financial markets mentioned on Politico. Seeing himself as a citizen of the world is something George Soros seems to have developed from a long tradition in his own family; Tividar Soros, George’s father spent much of his life trying to develop the language of Esperanto, a newly created language of the 1880s developed as a global way of communicating.

At the close of 2016 the success George Soros had achieved as a hedge fund manager led to him amassing a fortune estimated at over $25 billion; Soros has not been happy to simply create his won wealth, but sees his own life mission as being one of exploring the social and political issues facing the people of the world and addressing them with the aid of his vast wealth on Snopes. Using his time spent as a student of the philosopher Karl Popper for inspiration, George Soros has been looking for ways to take the ideas of the philosopher and bring them to the attention of the world. Establishing the Open Society Foundations in 1993 is seen as one of the major steps taken by George Soros in exploring ways of bringing social justice, human rights, and democracy to the people of the world, including those living in supposedly free societies like the U.S. and European Union.

A Look at Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta’s Education and Practice

A new report released by the National Institutes of Health has some encouraging news for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. According to the analysis of a five-year study that tested stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis, the new treatment can be very effective in causing induced remission for patients suffering from severe multiple sclerosis.

The new treatment involved in the study involves taking blooding forming stem cells from a patient and then re-injecting them into the person’s body to rebuild their own immune system. Before stem cells are put back into a person’s body, patients are exposed to high levels of chemotherapy. This is done to weaken the immune system on purpose so that the person will accept their own stem cells. The results from this new treatment have so far been much more effective in causing remission of multiple sclerosis than current traditional treatments.

The Education Of Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta completed medical school in his native India. He graduated from Government Medical College in Nagpur, India in 1999 and specialized in neurology. Dr. Gopal Vasishta then completed a medical residency program in neurology at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. He also completed a second medical residency program in neurology at the Boston City Hospital, which is also located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts in the USA.

The Practice Of Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is currently a practicing physician at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates, P.C. located in Vorhees, New Jersey. The address of his practice is 2301 Evesham Road Suite #208 Voorhees, New Jersey 08043. He is a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is certified in neurology. Dr. Gopal Vasishta is affiliated with the Kennedy Health System and the Kennedy University Hospital in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

How White Shark Media Is Driving The Growth Of Small Businesses

As a leading digital marketing agency, White Shark Media has been working with small businesses while offering them the needed support to overcome the marketing challenges they encounter every day. The company offers reliable marketing solutions that are designed to help a business realize its potential and explore other parts of the market that are deemed difficult. White Shark Media has earned a lot of success due to the uniqueness and quality the company has been offering to the digital marketing needs that are presented by clients. In North America, the company ranks among the best AdWords and SEM marketing agencies.


GoToMeeting Evaluation

To allow a business to understand its performance and growth better, White Shark Media has been scheduling GoToMeeting live sessions, where these businesses can get the real picture of the performance of their campaigns. This conferencing facility makes it possible to engage professionals at the company and allows clients to ask questions about their niche to understand how they can make changes to push the business further ahead. With this service, the business can observe every step in the marketing campaign and can be assisted to understand the process of building their business to beat competition.


Certified Google SMB Partner

Google selects the most accomplished marketing companies and registers them to the SMB Partner program, which only accepts companies that have proved to offer unique digital marketing services. White Shark Media review, owing to the great performance the company proved to offer, was selected to join the program. The SMB Premier program targets supporting small businesses that want to use AdWords to push their presence to a higher level and to achieve their goals within a short while.


Incredible search marketing services

Many businesses don’t understand the value that search marketing avails to their growth. Through White Shark Media, they are taken through all the steps of the marketing process and allowed to configure their search marketing needs to suit their preferences. Working with the marketing plans that are presented provides full synergy and helps all search marketing effort applied by clients to ensure it leads to results.


Clients also get a complete SEO guide and AdWords management that are customized to drive the business to beat the competition in the market. White Shark Media also offers flat fee management plans and helps the client to re-design their site to enhance mobile friendliness, speed and ease of navigation.