A New Take On Fashion From Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg knows what it is like to design a new concept and introduce it to the business world. He launched Gamers Alliance as a teenager. Adam eventually sold it to Intermix three years after its creation. Gamers Alliance opened the door for Adam to enter Corporate America. Adam Goldenberg became the youngest Chief Operations Officer in the country at the age of 20. Adam met another young business mind at Intermix. His name was Don Ressler. Adam and Don quickly learned that they would have to go out on their own if they wanted to make an impact in business. Intermix sold to another large corporation. This gave Adam and Don the opportunity they needed to pave their own path. They chose women’s fashion as their platform. It was an unlikely venture. However, Adam saw the opportunity that his internet marketing skills could bring to the fashion industry at http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000543492.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler joined forces with actress Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. Fabletics is a line of women’s athletic wear. The items are sold online through the company’s website. Anyone can browse the site. However, a membership is required to purchase the merchandise at a discounted price.

Having a profile with the Fabletics website also has other benefits. There is a fashion quiz offered. The quiz is designed to develop a shopping model that is unique to each customer. It then suggests products that the consumer may be interested in. The online profiles also provides critical information on Builtinla.com to the Fabletics organization. It shows the trends and customer buying habits that allow them to maintain the most desired items in stock. This keeps the company from over purchasing products that are not going to be sold. The technique saves the customers money in the long run.

The success of fabletics online business model has led to the opening of brick-and-mortar location. Adam and his team has been able to expand the company’s reach Beyond online marketing on vator.tv. Fabletics has begun to carve out a tremendous share of a very competitive industry. The customer shopping experience in the retail stores is model 2 provide the same experience as shopping online.

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