Arthur Becker: Supporting Technology

When it comes to investing in technology, Arthur Becker knows the game too well. Being involved with the investment industry for more than a decade, Arthur knows exactly how to predict which companies and technological ideas are going to make it big. Currently, Arthur is the CEO of Zino, an app available for Android and Apple devices which let users have access to an extensive range of newspapers, journals, and magazines from all around the world.

Zino is a platform for news sharing. People can browse through a selection of news articles and publications from countries like USA, Canada, and the UK. Zino updates itself regularly and has over 3000 new articles available to users to read every single day. Currently, the app can be downloaded and transferred onto any viewing device like a phone or your television, so long as you are connected to the internet.

Arthur attended Bennington College in Vermont and pursued a bachelor’s degree in arts. He then went on to Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he received a degree in Business Administration. It was here that Arthur got a glimpse of the world of investing, which spiked a keen interest in him.

Arthur is also known on NY Mag for his extensive dedication and hard work towards NaviSite. He was the CEO and member of the board of directors for the tech company for an extremely long period of time. Under his guidance, NaviSite grew to great heights and became one of the leading companies in cloud computing and hosting. According to the new York Time, NaviSite has also worked with numerous IT giants like Microsoft and Oracle to give its customers the best services they could ask for. The company had a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, all of who came to NaviSite to seek their expertise in cloud computing, virtualization colocation, and website hosting.

Besides technology, another one of Arthur’s keen investing passions lies in real estate. He is currently the owner of three luxurious townhouses in the heart of New York, estimated at a total of $20 million. He was able to acquire these townhouses through an exchange of property under his company which was being constructed nearby. For more news on Mr. Becker, visit

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