Donald Scott NYC Haircutting Tools

Donald Scott NYC is a company based out of New York City that sells hair-cutting products. The founder, Donald Scott, is a world renowned stylist, who received training from Paul Mitchell. After realizing there weren’t;t enough tools being produced, Scott decided to create his own company. Donald Scott NYC sells a variety of haircare tools, including blades and hair razors. Some of the more popular products from Donald Scott are the wide tooth carving comb, and several of the blades. Each of these products is unique, and are used in different ways. Wide tooth combs are good for tangly hair, and the blades are used for shaving as well as cutting hair.


Scissors are what people think of when they think of getting their hair cut, however, there is another popular method: The straight razor. Many say the straight razor has benefits, and is better for cutting hair. Using a razor, the ends of the hair are tapered off, instead of cut straight across like with scissors. Many people enjoy this look. The straight razor can also give a softer shave than an electric or handled razor, which many people are also looking for. Overall, the straight razor is considered better for softer looks.

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