Arthur Becker: Supporting Technology

When it comes to investing in technology, Arthur Becker knows the game too well. Being involved with the investment industry for more than a decade, Arthur knows exactly how to predict which companies and technological ideas are going to make it big. Currently, Arthur is the CEO of Zino, an app available for Android and Apple devices which let users have access to an extensive range of newspapers, journals, and magazines from all around the world.

Zino is a platform for news sharing. People can browse through a selection of news articles and publications from countries like USA, Canada, and the UK. Zino updates itself regularly and has over 3000 new articles available to users to read every single day. Currently, the app can be downloaded and transferred onto any viewing device like a phone or your television, so long as you are connected to the internet.

Arthur attended Bennington College in Vermont and pursued a bachelor’s degree in arts. He then went on to Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he received a degree in Business Administration. It was here that Arthur got a glimpse of the world of investing, which spiked a keen interest in him.

Arthur is also known on NY Mag for his extensive dedication and hard work towards NaviSite. He was the CEO and member of the board of directors for the tech company for an extremely long period of time. Under his guidance, NaviSite grew to great heights and became one of the leading companies in cloud computing and hosting. According to the new York Time, NaviSite has also worked with numerous IT giants like Microsoft and Oracle to give its customers the best services they could ask for. The company had a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, all of who came to NaviSite to seek their expertise in cloud computing, virtualization colocation, and website hosting.

Besides technology, another one of Arthur’s keen investing passions lies in real estate. He is currently the owner of three luxurious townhouses in the heart of New York, estimated at a total of $20 million. He was able to acquire these townhouses through an exchange of property under his company which was being constructed nearby. For more news on Mr. Becker, visit

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Donald Scott NYC Haircutting Tools

Donald Scott NYC is a company based out of New York City that sells hair-cutting products. The founder, Donald Scott, is a world renowned stylist, who received training from Paul Mitchell. After realizing there weren’t;t enough tools being produced, Scott decided to create his own company. Donald Scott NYC sells a variety of haircare tools, including blades and hair razors. Some of the more popular products from Donald Scott are the wide tooth carving comb, and several of the blades. Each of these products is unique, and are used in different ways. Wide tooth combs are good for tangly hair, and the blades are used for shaving as well as cutting hair.


Scissors are what people think of when they think of getting their hair cut, however, there is another popular method: The straight razor. Many say the straight razor has benefits, and is better for cutting hair. Using a razor, the ends of the hair are tapered off, instead of cut straight across like with scissors. Many people enjoy this look. The straight razor can also give a softer shave than an electric or handled razor, which many people are also looking for. Overall, the straight razor is considered better for softer looks.

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Brian Torchin Ensures Everyone Searching For A New Job Will Find It

There are quite a few people who are looking for jobs in the medical industry, and they are often searching in the wrong places. Brian Torchin created a beautiful company known as HCRC to place medical candidates in jobs, or he helps them ensure they are going to interviews they may pass.

This article explains how Brian Bonar helps his clients, and there is a look at what he is capable of when he is posting on his blog.

#1: How Does Brian Place Employees?

According to Behance, Brian Torchin has placed quite a few people out of HCRC, and he does so by contacting people he knows in the industry for help.

He wants them to find jobs they will enjoy, and he is showing them how to use their resumes to find a place to be that will excite them. He may send them to interviews, and he will find new jobs that may interest them.

#2: Changing Resumes

Brian posts quite a lot on his blog about resumes and interviews. He offers advice that helps his clients understand how to tailor their resumes for certain jobs. He wishes to show them where they may make changes, and he asks them questions that teach him what he needs to know about their resumes. The blog may be read at any time, and the readers will find a wealth of information that is perfect for their job search.

#3: Interviews

Brian knows how to help his clients ensure they will be ready for an interview, and he shares the industry standards with them. He answers questions on his blog that help his clients learn how to take interviews, and he will offer advice to someone who may have had a problem that derailed their last interview.

There are quite a few people who will find good jobs once they use advice from Brian Torchin, and they will uncover a job they have not seen before. He maintains his social media presence, and he will see quite a lot questions come into his blog. He will continue to interact with the public as much as possible.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Discusses Popular Product

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publishing company that has developed a reputation for creating informative financial courses and literature that help to improve the lives of citizens around the world. Jim Hunt VTA Publications, the company’s founder and CEO, has recently discussed his development of VTA Publications’ most popular products. Thousands of customers have discovered the information in Jim Hunt’s latest project, Make Mum a Millionaire. Hunt developed this project out of frustration with the mainstream trading industry.

After developing several key principals that he believes are essential to the stock trading process, Jim Hunt VTA Publications vowed that he couldmake his mother a millionaire by using his own developed steps. Hunt even stated that he would document his mother’s progress by creating videos of her development at each stage of the trading process. After seeing the progress of Jim Hunts mother, customers flocked to the program. During an interview with a local business review magazine, Hunt stated that he developed the Millionaire course to encourage average citizens to consider investment strategies on Street Wise to raise their income and standard of living, to show the inconsistency of the current banking and stock trading systems, and to show consumers that finance degrees are not required to win in the financial industry.

Encouraging Everyday Citizens
During his interview, Jim Hunt stated that the most significant problem he faces in process of educating average citizens about stock trading practices on Crunchbase is the fact that they often feel discouraged about the entire process. The VTA Publications executive stated that he looked forward to the day when individuals did not feel inadequate in the area of stock trading simply because they did not possess banking or finance degrees. Hunt stated that one of his chief goals as CEO of the publishing company is to encourage average working adults to become involved in stock trading in an effort to improve lives. Hunt is also passionate about revealing the true nature of the banking industry on YouTube and helping consumers to become financially independent and wealthy. After the success of the company’s latest course, VTA Publications is expected to release a course about the publishing industry in the near future.

Adam Milstein Ventures in Real Estate And Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a shrewd investor and a generous philanthropist. He currently works at Hager Pacific Properties as the managing director. Speaking to Ideamensch, Milstein takes us through his journey as a native Israel student and now one of the well-known investors in the country. The self-driven and motivated entrepreneur believes that setting specific goals and objectives is limiting and thus pushes hard in all that he does with the mentality that he will achieve the best.

One of the biggest accomplishments that Milstein has is his love and passion for his roots. He believes that people should never forget where they came from regardless of where they are in life. Together with his wife he started Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a charity organization that seeks to remind and teach the people of Jewish backgrounds about their cultural aspects. He also hopes that through the foundation, Israel and the United State can build better lasting relations.

Milstein helped to co-find the Israeli-American Council. He acts as the organization’s chairman. His role in the organization is to devise ways through which it can expand and create relations between Israel and the U.S. his goal is seeing that the two countries stand with one another. He also runs and supports several charity organizations including Stand With Us, Jewish Funders Network and Hasbara Fellowships among others.

Adam left his country Israel and came to study in the U.S. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from USC. Adam tells Ideamensch that lack of appreciation by employers played a major role in his decision to become a real estate broker and also start his own investments. He continues to get inspiration from his works and charity organizations that he funds and believes in making a better life for other people and his staff as well.

Adam Milstein – The Meaning of It All

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. Milstein was introduced to the Real Estate industry through his parents. In 1978, he graduate Cum Laude from Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in economics and business. While attending college, he worked with his father helping to enlarge the family’s real estate and development business. After attending the University of Southern California and receiving his Master’s of Business Administration degree, Milstein began working as a sales agent in commercial real estate.

Adam Milstein is more than a successful businessman. He is an ongoing philanthropist and is a dedicated community leader. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and is currently appointed as the chair for the company’s national expansion. Adam and his spouse Gila are the co-founders of the company, Sifryat Pijama B’America. The establishment was created for the purpose of providing free monthly books Jewish-American families in the United States. These books, that are comprised in the Hebrew language, have been responsible for teaching more than 70 of these families Jewish values. Milstein also sits on the Board of various organizations, these groups include, Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowship, Stand By Me, Birthright Israel and American Israel Public Affairs National Council. Adam has a strong passion to strengthen the Jewish people, and his philanthropic efforts are designed to do just that. Through consulting, fundraising and partnership development, Adam Milstein and his wife have created a system that positively impacts those that they come in contact with.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Adam discussed on various topics. Some of these topics include his failures, his approach to business, and how the birth of Hager Pacific Properties came to be about. This particular interview gives an in depth insight into what Adam deems as important in life and what practices and idea concepts he utilizes to be successful. In this particular article, he explains that family is the most important thing, and that explanation displays the meaning of why he puts such an emphasis on strengthening families.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Extraordinary talent

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly respected plastic surgeon, a successful author and a media consultant. She is on the Board of Directors and a spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also a spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden completed her graduation from Anderson High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated with honors. She graduated as a salutatorian from medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch and was accepted into the plastic surgery program at the University of Texas at Galveston. She then completed her post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After her fellowship, Dr. Walden became an associate of the famous aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Aston. After practicing in New York for eight years, she moved back to Austin, Texas in 2011 and has built a thriving practice in Austin.

Dr. Jennifer Walden offers many services and facial cosmetic surgeries like face-lifts, eyelid lifts, otoplasty (ear surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Her clinic offers services for breast augmentation and breast reduction. Dr. Walden performs augmentation with both silicone and saline-filled breast implants. She is known for using Vectra, a 3-D imaging technology that visualizes a patient’s look before surgery.

Dr. Walden was the first in central Texas to offer SculpSure which is non-invasive fat reduction. This procedure uses a laser to destroy fat cells and requires no down time.

Her clinic offers the services of ThermiVa vaginal tightening and rejuvenation and laser vaginal tightening.

Her clinic offers the ground-breaking new SmartGraft technology for hair restoration and hair transplantation. SmartGraft utilizes a follicular unit extraction technique to restore hair to thinning hairlines and bald spots.

Along with her many accomplishments, Dr. Walden performs surgery on a charitable basis for a non-profit organization called Austin Smiles.

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Hair Care Answers: Wen by Chaz

Women’s hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s because women of all ages feel it’s important to make sure their hair looks the very best it can. They understand the power of strong, beautiful, healthy hair and the impact it can have on their personal and professional relationships. Most women long to find a hair care product that is easy to use, offers deep down cleaning and leaves their hair looking and feeling great. Most women have to combine several products to get the results they want. But now there is an all in one cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz that has women raving.

WEN is a line of hair care products created by hairstylist to the stars Chaz Dean, After spending years creating great products for others, Chaz Dean decided a few years ago he would developing a hair care line of his own. Some of the most popular products in that line are the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioners. They offer a revolutionary new way to make sure hair is properly cleansed and hydrated. Chaz Dean is always developing new products to better meet the needs of his A-list clients and WEN by Chaz offers the regular consumer the same high-quality products.

The WEN Cleansing conditioners have helped to give many clients to get the soft, smooth, manageable hair they’ve long desired. The thing that makes WEN® Cleansing Conditioner unique is its innovative 5-in-1 formula that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and de-tangler for all types and textures of hair. The Sephora endorsed product thoroughly cleanses the hair without the lather or harsh sulfates that are found in many other shampoos. Plus does not strip the hair’s natural oils. The result of using it is stronger, moist, more manageable hair that has shine, body and bounce. For more product information, visit


Fabletics Does Things Differently, Defining Their Success

Fabletics is subsidiary of JustFab, renamed TechStyle Fashion Group in 2006. It is an online subscription service that sells women’s sportswear and accessories, founded by JustFab founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson in 2013.



In the summer of 2015, Fabletics launched its first men’s activewear line, FL2. FL2 was launched alongside the brother of Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson. In the spring of 2016, Fabletics began selling dresses and swimsuits in addition to its “athleisure” products.



Since its founding, Fabletics has increased its revenue every year by 35 percent and has received an estimated worth of $250 million for its first three years. In 2015, the company opened its very first retail store, stocking its apparel based on their online trends. It is reported that Fabletics will open between 75 and 100 stores within the next five years.



It is a very difficult thing to do to take on the online fashion market when Amazon controls an astounding 20 percent of the market, but Fabletics is giving them a run for their money. They use the popularity of the ‘activewear’ movement and subscription model to sell their very popular products to customers. It’s a simply idea really, customers like brands that are ambitious. Combine that with the ease of the membership and it’s a winning combination.



The most successful brands in history have typically been defined by price and quality. In recent years, there has been a shift in these economics, making the normal combination no longer as successful. More things are important to consumers now like exclusive design, brand recognition, service, and customer experience.



Fabletic’s strategy is certainly paying off for the company. General Manager of the company, Gregg Throgmartin, believes that it is the design of the company that sets them apart. Fabletics is a more modern version of the valued brand that people have always been attracted to. Their business model affords them the opportunity to give their customers personalized service and trendy fashion at a much lower price than others. Fabletics knows what the consumers want and they give it to them.



With opening up stores and plans to keep doing so, Fabletics is obviously taking a different approach to this than anyone else. They use a “reverse showroom” method. Most places suffer in a retail setting because people browse the stores and then find a much cheaper version online when they get home. Fabletics works just the opposite. The customers’ browsing is now a positive thing. Most of the customers that enter the store are already members, while 25 percent of entering customers become members while they’re there.



The company doesn’t just choose random items to be placed on the shelves at their retail locations. Fabletics uses online local data about customers’ preferences so that they can stock their stores with items that will most likely appeal to the customers in that location. They use membership preferences, store heat-mapping data, and social media sentiment for decide which products to show.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Lands Big Award

Since 2007 Talk Fusion has been leading the charge in the video marketing solutions world behind the work of CEO Bob Reina. Reina helped Talk Fusion to pioneer their video application, Video Chat, and now the client is being recognized for a Product of the Year Award. Communications Solutions will be offering the award to Talk Fusion as part of their 2016 ceremony for companies that pushed the limits toward improving the quality and accessibility of marketing on the internet. To say that CEO Reina and Talk Fusion were excited about the award would be an understatement.


Reina was quick to comment on accepting the award by saying, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future.” Reina went on to say that his team would be dedicated to “staying ahead of the curve” and that this was Talk Fusion’s primary goal. Reina, of course, was backed up by Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page who called the Video Chat, “Completely priceless.”


For those not in the know, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is more than just a face to face application for communicating. The Video Chat program allows users to communicate across platforms in real time. This means that the Video Chat program can link devices that aren’t naturally compatible. This has huge implications for companies that are looking to market toward customers or even serve in customer service.


For customers that are interested in the program there is currently an offer being provided by Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is giving away 30 day free trials to interested parties who want to dive into the program and what the company has to offer. Free trial users will be accorded access to everything that Talk Fusion has to offer, including their database of marketing information.


Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina. Reina had been in the market for a product that met his needs for video marketing. When nothing showed up Reina decided to gather a team of technicians and create it himself. Since then Talk Fusion has become a leader in worldwide marketing efforts on the internet.