Malini Saba is a Dedicated Business Leader

The thing that makes Malini Saba stand out is her passion for what she does. To go from nothing to something with her Saban group is a big thing. It could not happen without her dedication to obtaining financial knowledge on investing. People have become a lot more interested in what Malini is doing because she continues to profit in ways that few people would have expected her to.


I read about how she has invested in companies like eBay during the early days when this was just a startup. I think that her time as a venture capitalist with such great early picks has allowed her to gain confidence in the industry. I know that she has spoken about her failures, but she has met failure with success. I think that it all comes down to her ability to just keep on trying. She is not the type of person that would simply lie down and take defeat. That is the thing that stands out about Saba. She knows that this business that she is in is still a business that is heavily dominated by men. Malini knows that it would be impossible to really thrive and build a better business if she did not prepare to meet challenges.


I do think that there are lots of opportunities out there for women, but it all comes down to the preparation that is put into this. I know of women that are talking about the lack of women in the workforce, but so many of these women do not put forth the dedication to get to the top. Malini Saba is someone that has mastered time. She is up every morning at 5 am. She has meetings, she takes the time to take her daughter to school and comes back home for more meetings. Saba breaks in the evening to pick her daughter up. This is something that most women in business would not have the dedication to do.


This passion is fueled by doing the thing that she likes to do. It is also fueled by her desire to serve as a shining example of a woman that can inspire others. There are so many people that need someone to look up to. She also has a non-profit out there for women that are at-risk. Malini has made it to the top and held the door open for others.


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