Charity and Life Mix With Dick DeVos

Betsy DeVos certainly had a lot to say when she sat down to talk about the state of education currently in the U.S. She praised the private institutions and charter schools that were providing an alternative avenue. She strongly believes that typical public education is failing kids and that parents need better choices. She was optimistic that over 250,000 students attend private schools in over 17 states thanks to her husband’s charitable giving. She cited the need for even more education vouchers, tax credits, and saving efforts for parents however. She doesn’t think students get enough attention or resources spent on them in the traditional educational system. It’s why she and her husband work so hard to give back when it comes to education.


The Life and Charity of Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos gave $90 million to philanthropic efforts in 2013. The bulk of the money went to educational causes. The rest of it went toward arts, community services, health services, and faith clubs.


One of the primary things they have done for education over the years is to help train teachers. In certain areas of Michigan, the students were simply not attending enough classes. To raise the attendance rate by 30%, the pair helped teachers lead better lessons.


Through his part in the Educational Freedom Fund, he donated $7.5 million. He matched a donation previously given by the Children’s Scholarship fund before that. He has been on the board for more than 25 years. The aim of the organization is to offer scholarships to lower income students. Now, because of he and Betsy’s devotion, thousands of kids have gone on to get higher degrees, such as MBAs. This has allowed them to pursue their dreams.


Dick DeVos was also on the board of Kids First. It helped kids before they got into college by allowing parents to afford choices in education. Private schooling and charters are a way for those kids to have a better shot at their future.


But the amount of their giving doesn’t stop at that. Aside from education, the DeVos family is dedicated to improving the lives of the community in which they live. It’s why they got heavily involved with Grand Action, a program designed to build up downtown Detroit again. It brought together public and private members. They also help regular folks get access to health, community, drivers, food, and employment services for a better life. Visit the site to know more about Dick DeVos.


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