Fabletics and The Subscription Model

One of the advantages that @Fabletics offers people is that they get to subscribe to the fashion retailer. They then get to pick out the outfit that they want. This could include the top, pants, and accessories to go with it. Whatever the method they use, they will be able to find outfits that they get to enjoy. One thing that could make people feel better is if they have on the type of clothes they like. It makes it even better when other people like the outfit that they have on. This would encourage them to find clothes that are similar.

While Fabletics is originally an online fashion retailer, it has expanded its business to include physical locations. This reaches more customers who are accustomed to the shopping experience of walking into a store, trying on a product and paying for it at the check out. Another advantage that a physical location is that people will be able to wear the product they buy right away as opposed to having to wait a little bit to receive the product of their choice. However, the subscription model of receiving clothes is a money saver for people that try it out.

Perhaps the main draw of Fabletics is the unique products that it has to offer customers. While customers are probably bored of the same active wear products that they see throughout the different stores, they probably have thought of workout clothes as more function than fashion. However, Fabletics is showing people that one could be fashionable in active clothing. As a result, people are trying out some of the fun clothes that will also give them more energy in a workout.

is especially something to look at for someone who has taken an interest in fashion and wants to develop her own style. The products that Fabletics offers is so stylish and elegant that one would not want to limit it to getting exercise. They would also love to wear it out to places where people meet and mingle. The material and the fit of the clothing makes for a comfortable fit that will also make the wearer feel confident and beautiful.


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