Gooee Ushers in a New Era of Intelligent Lighting

LED lights have won the war. No longer will traditional illumination do in this enlightened age; LED lights that are connected to the internet are fast becoming more commonplace. Gooee is revolutionizing lighting, with bulbs that now have the connectivity to detect whether your children are alert or not at school and adjusting accordingly, or the intelligence to know when you are walking by the produce section at a supermarket and showing you the coupons to match.

With time comes more affordability. No longer are these lights prohibitively expensive, and in the next few decades, these amazing devices will become more commonplace. They will work for us to make life easier and more satisfying.

LEDs are low voltage semiconductors with a quality that makes them easier to control digitally than other lighting systems

Gooee’s IoT Platform

. With a fifth of all lights residing in the United States, it is pretty obvious who will most benefit from these brainy illuminators. Expect to see these lights more and more often everywhere you go, from the DMV to your local pizza joint. Time will only tell where this technology will lead America; as usual, the country is on the cutting edge of the internet and the digital age.

While it is always nostalgic to look at the simplicity of the past, it is important to also see a vision of the future. One could only imagine how LED lights will change the cultural landscape. Gooee is the company to watch for this new technology.

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