Securus Technologies Answers Cost Criticisms

Securus Technologies, a major provider of communication services between inmates and the outside population, accused Global Tel-Link (GTL), in a June 7, 2016, press release, of abuses and wrongdoings in GTL’s operation of a similar prison communication system.
Securus is a for-profit private technology company employing more than 1000 with more than 2,000 contracts providing communication service between inmates and friends and family. Their main office is located in Carrollton, Texas. They have another office in Atlanta, Georgia, and Allen, Texas. The company was founded in 1986, and Richard “Rick” Smith is the president and chief operating officer (CEO).
This press release is an attempt to combat the claims of overcharging which have tarnished the reputations of the various providers of services allowing communications to take place between inmates and outside contacts. What needs to be remembered is the burden of visitation had been placed on the friends and family members of the prisoner in the past. It was their responsibility to plan, travel long distances, and stay overnight in an unfamiliar setting. For those, this new system represents a great saving in time and money and eases the emotional strain of dealing with a friend or family members who is paying for his crime against society.
The chief complaint of Securus and others are the costs incurred by the users of the system. They have to realize that communicating with a prisoner is a special issue, and it requires special considerations that are not needed outside the razor wire of any prison facility. Prison guards and administration staff have to be used to access this communication system, and there are matters of coordination and access that add restraints and conditions making this type of communication more expensive. The price should be borne by the inmate and the family as part of the process of imprisonment.
Source: Securus Technologies

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