Fabletics Offers Athleisure Options for Women

If going out with friends often seems a little daunting because you don’t have “anything to wear,” you’ll be glad to know that Fabletics has some new fashion options has some new fashion options. The clothing line, which is co-owned by actress Kate Hudson, has created an athleisure line of comfortable clothing that is especially stylish. The laid-back pieces are the perfect solution for lazy fashionistas who still want to look their best.

Hudson recently spoke to MarieClaire.com about the debut of Fabletic’s athleisure clothing. The pieces became available in April 2016, and feature pieces like a bikini top that can also be used as a sports bra. This makes it easy to get a great workout on the beach, and you’ll be especially comfortable when you’re relaxing poolside with friends.

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Kate shares that designing their dresses and clothing pieces was a natural progression for Fabletics. She says that she was thinking about women who are both active and professional, and assures customers that Fabletics clothing will help them both look and feel their best.

Hudson even says she’d wear a dress from the Fabletics athleisure line on a date! The dresses help to “suck in” problem areas to accentuate the best parts of your physique, so you won’t have to wear Spanx or slimming garments under your dress. Some of the dresses from Fabletics, such as the Tropez, have a bra built right in for even more comfort. The athleisure dresses are also made from the same material as workout clothing, so you’ll be comfortable and confident. Hudson also shares that while you can technically do some light exercises in these dresses, it’s certainly not mandatory–unless you need to run a block or two to catch a cab.

Hudson says that the goal of Fabletic’s athleisure dresses is to make women feel protected and secure while displaying their femininity. Fabletics also has a line of functional swimwear, and customers can subscribe to Fabletics to get new clothing from the company each month.

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