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Securus America Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety,investigation, corrections and monitoring. The A+ rated company by the BBB announced that a release of facts, findings, multiple reports and articles will highlight integrity breaches and wrongdoings by Global Tel Link which is an inmate communications provider.

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The press release by Securus Technologies marks the start of many articles by Securus, that will call to attention the wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link (GTL). Securus Technologies’ Chef Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, said on PR Newswire’s interview that it offended him when a carrier stoops below the integrity bar that most carriers have – but GTL does not. He added that the mission of the company is more than just making money but to have the customer’s best interest at heart when serving them.

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Louisana Public Service Commission made a formal order No. U-20784-B. The order regarded actions of GTL when they provided outbound telecom services to thousands of inmates at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The findings from the GTL investigations by Louisiana PSC were as follows:
• GTL, unlawfully programmed their telephones’ clocks to add either 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of each call.
• With no authorization, Global Tel Link programmed call rates of telephones to higher rates that were not permitted either under PSC rate caps or GTL’s tariffs.
• GTL engaged in the practice of billing a single call more than once without authorization.
• The unlawful practices, by GTL, overcharged Louisiana taxpayers in the amount of $1,243,000
Smith strongly stated, while referring to wrongdoings by GTL that playing tricks on customers is a cancer in the industry and time does not in any way take that wrongdoing away.


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