Two Million and Counting: What’s Next for Doe Deere?

When it comes to makeup, there are many brands out there to sink your teeth into. You may be looking for a company that does not test on animals, or simply one with a wide selection of nude shades to choose from, and you will find it. There is no shortage of reviews and opinions on the world wide web about which brand is best for which skin type, and this is great for those new to makeup. But as a company, it makes it very difficult to stand out in the crowd. Doe Deere of Lime Crime makeup did just that, and she did it well.

Doe knew her audience, and that her Instagram would be dedicated to creating makeup and hair tutorials for her young fans that varied from basic to bold. As it hit over two million followers this year, Doe was surely doing something right. From hair to neon lips, there are photos of every sort of look you can imagine, all using her very own company’s products. Fans submit their own creation, which is fantastic for word of mouth as well as possible customers being able to view shades on various skin tones.

Finding her niche in bold colors and fun styles, Doe built an empire over seven years ago, and it is going stronger than ever today. She continues to up her game by releasing unique new palates and lip shades that are perfect for bright looks, or even Halloween. While you may not be into a neon orange lipstick for a day at the office, you must admire this young woman who has created such an empire with a simple cosmetics line. Doe has continued to inspire women everywhere to chase their dreams and do what they love. She has, and it certainly paid off.

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