Yeon-mi Park’s New Book Exposes the Horrible Living Conditions in North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a 22-year-old North Korean woman who has exposed the horrible living conditions within that nation. In Park’s book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom retells the amazing but horrible story about the things that Park and her family had to experience to leave the country. Yeon-mi’s story is one of heartache, danger, death and hope. The book was published in September of 2015 and has sold well in the market.
Yeon-mi’s novel according to a News.AU review details her life starting from the time she was born in 1993 up until the time she left North Korea sometime around 2007. Yeon-mi’s father, Park Jin Sik, was a former trader turned smuggler. Park Jin Sik’s family was struggling and he eventually turned to illegal smuggling to help keep them afloat. Eventually, he was apprehended for his crimes. Keep in mind that Yeon-mi’s dad was not a common criminal. He turned to smuggling not just to support his family but as a means of protest against Kim Jong il’s leadership. Jong il was the former dictator over North Korea during the 90s.

After be incarcerated for a long time, Park Jin Sik was released from jail. When he returned home during the 2000s he already had decided to defect from North Korea. He gathered up his family and prepared to make that journey. By 2006 they were ready to leave. Yeon-mi’s older sister left with a friend without telling the family. Yeon-mi and her mother had to make the initial departure on their own. Park Jin Sik had stayed behind but would later reunite with Yeonmi Park and her mother.

Yeon-mi and her mom endured many hardships in the quest to freedom. They were traveling with smugglers and had to keep free from the horrible conditions that presented themselves from these people. Even though the journey was long and dangerous the Park’s eventually made it to freedom in South Korea. Yeon-mi’s father had died along the way. She was also reunited with her sister as well. Yeon-mi’s book as revealed by NK News is just one outlet that she uses to tell the world about North Korea and how she is glad to no longer live in that horrible place.



NutriMost- The Quick and Healthy Diet Designed for You

In today’s society, most live with the constant, never ending battle of losing weight and keeping the weight off. Along with being overweight, come many health concerns that eventually require prescription medications to treat conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.
While there’s many “magic” diet pills and “lose weight quick” advertisements out there in the fitness industry, hardly any diet works for long or the weight just comes back. It’s unhealthy and discouraging altogether. However, despite any hopelessness, there is one system that continuously proves to be a fast, effective AND healthy way to shed the weight for good.

Nutrimost works with a technology called “Resonant Frequency”, which according to Dr. Rob Vasquez, is key in measuring “the biomarkers in the body to specific metabolism”. This aides in customizing a unique weight loss plan for each individual, as everyone’s body is different. Afterward, staff assists the patient to understand which foods are beneficial and which foods would hinder any progress in weight loss. The diet consists of organic foods and alot of vegetables.

For those patients who began NutriMost for the reason of concerns with health, such as sleep apnea and even chronic pain – after they lost the weight, they soon realized that one or all of their health issues were resolved, and could even stop their prescribed medications.

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JustFab Plus: A New Line of Curvy Girl Fashions

You may have seen or heard about the ever popular clothing and accessory line called JustFab. In a recent blog, a woman who calls herself The Curvy Fashionista discusses JustFab’s newest addition- they’ve introduced a plus size line! This exciting news makes it easy for curvy women to shop online for the most current, fashionable styles.

The Curvy Fashionista goes on to describe the versatility of the new collection. It features thirty five pieces- mostly mix and match, but with some light dresses and skirts as well. This is a wonderful opportunity for women to be able for revamp their wardrobe. Finding fashionable clothing for curvy women can prove to be a big challenge for many, as options are always so limited. But, JustFab has big plans to expand the collection by quite a bit this year.
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JustFab Plus not only has a great, growing variety but their subscription costs start at a modest $22.95 per month. How amazing is that?! Plus size clothing is known to be more expensive and harder to find, and JustFab makes it so easy to shop on a budget, but build a trendy wardrobe on A subscription with JustFab will have clothes, shoes or accessories sent to your door every month. If you don’t wish to subscribe, feel free to shop on their site whenever you want- just simply make an account!

Plus size clothing can be a hassle to shop for, so just imagine the convenience of beautiful styles being sent to you each month- and at a budget friendly price! This is just the beginning for their collection, and everything they have so far is adorable.

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Solo Capital Markets CEO Sanjay Shah Retires

Solo Capital Markets is a boutique financial services corporation that handled just under £68 million in assets by March of 2015, with an excess of £30 million in cash flow. This may sound like just another successful boutique financier but when you learn that the firm only began in 2009, the members become that much more impressive. Solo Capital did start as a solo mission, a mission of one man, Solo Capital Markets CEO, Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah began his education at King’s College as a medical school student, but deciding part way through that it wasn’t a track he’d enjoy he changed directions in a sharp pivot and became an accountant. Yet that financial background would be the solid footing upon which he would once again career pivot and go into investment banking. Going to work first for Merrill Lynch, then to ING, Dutch Bank, Credit Suise and lastly Morgan Stanley he came up through the trenches of every major bank in Europe. He learned the financial services market from the ground up from the best firms in the continent, only to find himself unemployed after the crash settled in 2009. It was then he went “solo” and opened Solo Capital Markets.

By the end of March 2011 Shah had taken home over £19 million in earnings and he went forward to open over another three dozen companies spanning over England, Dubai, Luxembourg, The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, and Malta. Later that year he opened one of those businesses with the head of Solo’s foreign exchange, Mankash Jain, who had come over previously from Barclays. Today, there are two managing firms that have control over Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital Partners, and Solo Group Holdings. Today Shah considers himself “retired” and spends most of his time involved in philanthropic pursuits.

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Beneful: Supporting Dog Health

When it comes to our beloved pets, at times, their health comes before our own. What we feed our dogs is everything- we want them to live a long, happy and healthy life. Beneful provides an extensive line of dog foods, each with different benefits to help your dog keep healthy and get the important nutrients.
You may have recently brought home a puppy. If so, Beneful has a great blend for your new puppy- Benefuls Healthy Puppy formula contains DHA support for his or hers brain health. Packed with nutrition and the perfect blend of ingredients, this will ensure healthy grown for your new companion.

Beneful has also added a formula designed to help promote weight loss or to maintain healthy weight for your dog. For your dog struggles with weight, this blend of ingredients will have your dog liking and feeling healthier in no time.

The Beneful original formula : is a fan favorite. Rich in antioxidants, and real meat, this is a universal blend- it’s great for all dogs of any size or breed. They come in varieties based on flavor and the size of your dog. You can purchase this one in a chicken, beef or salmon flavor which is a great perk if your pooch is a bit picky.

If you are the owner of a smaller breed, you may want to look into the new product added to’s dog food. Incredibites were recently introduced as being a new beneficial formula for smaller breeds. You will find that this variety is offered up to 15.5 pounds.

One thing is for sure- products certainly contains its benefits for our favorite four legged friends. With enough varieties to fit your dogs dietary needs, Beneful is the perfect option for your dog.