Changing Your Coffee for Healthier Choices and Bernardo Chua

Who is Bernardo Chua?

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines. He has worked for years to develop a brand of coffee that is healthier to consume than other coffee brands. His vision: people that want to drink coffee can do so while staying healthy and active in the process.

Chua began working in marketing when he worked with his adviser Leow Soon Seng,where he was introduced into the world of health and physical and mental wellness. Together, they founded the Gano Excel Philippines in July of 199. Chua worked there for a few years, expanding the company from the Philippines to locations in Hong Kong, Canada, and even the United States in a span of less than four years. His hard work at this company and working with Seng earned him the title of President of Gano Excel in the United States in the year of 2003. However, he later decided to start up his own company, so he packed up at that company and started Organo Gold.

Chua is known for earning various award nominations for his business endeavors. His most well known award was his receiving of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business Industry that he won during the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in the year of 2014. It was the development of his company, Organo Gold, that really got him started in the career of coffee that has earned him his success today.

Organo Gold Coffee

Chua founded the company Organo Gold in 2008. Providing healthier choices for coffee, the company has been majorly successful since its founding. They don’t just provide coffee either, as in recent years, they have expanded to many other hot beverages for customers to enjoy while staying active on their lives. They have been so successful that in 2013, the Direct Selling News ranked Organo Gold as the 55th largest marketing company in the entire world!

Making healthier choices

Chua has a method to making his coffee so healthy for many to enjoy. At the beginning of 2016, Organo Gold started to mix their beverages with a certain herb, titled by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago as the, “Kind of Herbs.” This name sounds a whole lot better than its more commonly known name, Ganoderma Lucidum. This delicious tasting herb adds a unique flavor to the beverage, and it has its own unique health benefits as well. Nutritionists claim that it has so many benefits that it is no wonder how it got its nickname. From providing the body with necessary alkali to adding the amount of oxygen delivered to the body, many see the benefits of this herb essential to their daily lifestyles. Organo Gold has provided the herb in a wide variety of their products to increase the amount of people that would want to try it without having them drink something that they don’t prefer, as customer happiness is something that is very important to the success of any company.

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