Dog Food Industry Embracing Health Trends

Beneful is a dog food brand by Nestle Purina Petcare that was founded in 2001. Since then the brand has grown to be one of the top five most popular dog food brands. The brand brought in 1.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2012 and is one of Nestle Purina’s biggest brands. The brand is well know for releasing game changing advertising campaigns and award winning packaging designs. But it is also know for the freshness and goodness of its food. The Beneful products contain the freshest of ingredients. The dry foods contain everything from real chicken or real beef to chicken, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice or beef, peas, carrots and barley.

Beneful is very stringent when it comes to its quality and safety control measures it takes. All of the raw ingredients are tracked for freshness from the time they arrive at the manufacturing plant up until they are in finished product form on the shelves of retail outlets. All of the raw ingredients must also meet product safety, ingredient specifications, manufacturing practices and sanitation standards. All of the Beneful products also have passed the very strict regulations of the FDA and the USDA.

In an article by the Daily Herald, the changing dog food industry was discussed. More and more companies are moving towards human eating trends. In recent years, people have increasingly wanted to know what was in their food, if it was organic and how nutritious it was. Companies making dog food have decided to turn in the same direction.

Many new brands of dog food are coming out with organic certification or refrigeration requirements. Many large and well established brands are starting to change to the same direction. Some companies will allow customers to mix and match ingredients to create a unique dog food combination that fits their dog.


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  1. Some companies are concentrating on upping the nutritional content of the food. This industry that is worth roughly 23.7 billion dollars is growing and customers and companies alike are trying to keep up with all the changes. I also do know that bestessays au would be a lot more of a joke than reality.

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