Is Sergio Cortes Helping Xerém?

People who have been in Xerém are now susceptible to diseases that come as a result of stagnant floodwaters. These diseases include things like dengue, which is not preventable by simply avoiding the water. Sergio Cortes on crunchbase has advised that people use insect repellent to keep the mosquitos away. A single bite from one of them can lead to dengue and eventually death. People who are avoiding the water should also work to avoid mosquitos that like to gather around the water. Even avoiding all of the water will not ensure absolute safety from a mosquito and the dengue that they carry with them.

As with any situation, the key to staying healthy after a flood is to prevent disease. This can be done by avoiding areas where there is a lot of flood water and working to avoid mosquitos or areas that have a lot of mosquitos in them. People can make the choice to only bathe in water that has been treated with hypochlorite and to only drink bottled water. It is important that people work to prevent the spread of disease after a flood because, otherwise, they run the risk of dying as a result of the flood even if they did not become injured from the water.

Health centers, according to this Extra article, were set up by Sergio Cortes of He has worked to make the centers a place where people can go if they are feeling ill or if they need the resources to prevent them from becoming sick as a result of the flooding in the area. People who go to these centers will not only be able to get the medical attention that they need, but they will also be able to get supplies like hypochlorite and bottled water for bathing and drinking.

Sergio Cortes, as the secretary of health, has made a point to ensure that the people of Xerém are protected following the flood. The secretary of health is expected to provide people with the help that they need after an area has been flooded. Sergio Cortes has gone above and beyond what he needed to do to protect the people. He has made sure that the people have everything that they need and has even given them the opportunity to have a better life instead of contracting diseases. He has worked endlessly on the scene of the disaster to prevent issues that come from flooding.

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  1. From what I’ve read and watched, I think Sergio Cortes is helping Xerem. Remember, Sergio Cortes, as the secretary of health, has made a point to ensure that the people of Xerém are protected. So I (best essays au CEO) think he is not helping Xereme the way you so expressed it.

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