Investment Advisory with Brad Reifler

Investment advisers perform noble duties of guiding investors to profitable ventures. Advisory requires wit, experience and a touch of magic. Brad Reifler is one of the great investment advisers in America today.

Brad is the current CEO of the Forefront Capital Management group. This firm operates in the forex and stock markets. Here, Brad’s wealth of experience spanning over three decades comes in handy especially in meeting client needs. Before Forefront Capital, Brad has helped establish and run a few other companies.

Brad Reifler founded a namesake trading company back in 1982 immediately after graduating from Bowdoin College as his CrunchBase shows. Not long before, he had started trading derivatives from the comfort of his hotel room. At Bowdoin, he studied Economics and Political Science, a course that expanded his knowledge of the global economy.

As his reputation grew, the young graduate continued to endear himself to investors. Eventually, Brad Reifler branched out and founded Pali Capital, which would make him a household name. He led the company as its CEO and Chairman for thirteen solid years as the firm realized profits of over $200 million.

In the year 2000, Brad sold the Refco Trading Company to his grandfather’s firm and focused wholly on his other establishments. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to form yet another company, the Forefront Advisory. At Forefront, investors come for expert advice on commodity and equity markets. Remember, we live in times of economic volatility and uncertainty hence the demand for experts like Brad Reifler.

Investment in stocks and commodities is viewed as a long-run game that tests one’s patience and intelligence. In Brad’s experience, anybody can invest for future returns regardless of their position on the economic strata. He speaks passionately about the need to include all people in the investment arena. The focus of his lectures lately has been the lower and middle-income households.

Traditionally, the upper class in society is the primary or accredited investors. However, they account for just 1% of the population while the potential of the 99% remains untapped. If anything, the poverty gap can be closed by engaging the non-accredited investor into the loop. Brad has been incubating the idea and seeking ways to implement it.

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  1. During the same period, Pali Capital went global with offices and clients in the United Kingdom and Australia. Brad’s inputs to the welfare of his society make him a hero whose values should be emulated by all. It is also possible to know how to help someone write an essay and use it earn money like they did.

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