Spend Your Golden Years In Luxury

Assisted living facilities are often mentioned with disdain as their reputation is less than ideal. However many seniors who can still live independent lives need a little bit of help, which is why they or their family members begin to look into assisted living facilities. For those who are living in or plan on moving to the central region of California you should take a look at Manse on Marsh.

Owned and operated by Chris Skiff for the past 15 years Manse on Marsh has become one of the most highly recommended living facilities for seniors. Skiff himself has been dedicated to senior care since he was in his early twenties. After graduating UCLA with honors Skiff worked with a top developer to create affordable senior apartments at the age of twenty-three. Now his facilities are award winning communities known for their excellent care, variety of options, cleanliness and great staff. Manse on Marsh has been the consistent award recipient for ‘Premier Independent and Assisted Living Community’ on California’s central coast.

What sets the Manse on Marsh apart from all other assisted living facilities is their style of living. While there is a general list of things senior facilities come with, Manse on Marsh goes an extra step to ensure their residents live their life to the fullest. Assistance is dependent on the resident’s own needs and the boundaries are set by the individual. There is also the completely independent living option for those who want to retire in a private little community. For those who need assistance they are given a pendant they can use any time 24/7 if they are in need of help or medical attention. There is a registered nurse on sight constantly as well as a certified medication technicians.

Daily services including laundry, bed making, and trash removal are included in every program. Each resident is given three meal tickets which can include a dessert if requested. Instead of eating in a hospital style cafeteria, Manse on Marsh offers a bistro-style dining experience hosted beneath atrium skylights so you can enjoy a meal under the stars or morning sun. Hot beverages and fruit are also offered all throughout the day as well as water bottles.

They provide a myriad of exercise classes, relaxing neighborhood walks, bible and prayer services daily, and bingo. Manse on Marsh recreates the negative vision of assisted living facilities and truly wants their residents to retain as much independence as possible.  They can be contacted online, and are one of the nation’s most award winning facilities.

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  1. Being active is healthy for your body and mind which is why they offer a variety of activities for their residents. From planned shopping center trips to margarita socials Manse on Marsh offers three to six activities a day. This is truly what needs to be done for rush essay and I know they will accomplish a lot.

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