A Name Change And A Vision Is All It Takes

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a uniquely thought out company. It works with the objective of bettering the city of Newark, NJ. This is a company that is all about growing the community as a whole, to stimulate the economy and grow jobs. It is also looking to help develop small businesses with the hope of eventually those family run businesses turning into large companies, When they are able to succeed. It is not about if but,when, as the idea of putting the future into a negative perspective can stop progress just as driving positive attitudes can drive change for the betterment of all. This company used to go by the name of Brick City Development Corporation but has changed the name along with the focus.

The company was previously focused on other goals but, they were not as focused on bettering the community. This is one of the reasons they brought in Kevin Seawright, as one of their leaders. He has led teams on the east side of the United States to promote growth and development in areas that were struggling, to help them gain financial traction. They are now seen as growing instead of struggling. Kevin also worked as the director within the homeless service division and within the housing authority arena as well. Both of these speak well for his interest in helping struggling areas of the population.

Kevin Seawright has great expertise when handling large budgets. In fact they have gone as high as over 400 million dollars. Kevin has a MBA which is hugely important and besides being someone trying to help others, he does it through his educational example. Even though he does have an MBA he continues to go to school through Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in Executive Leadership. This can be seen as a unique was to add to the companies ability to pursue growth. If the people struggling in the town of Newark see’s others who have come up the ranks, to do great thing, it pushes those struggling to succeed through examples that he sets through Twitter and other social media.

The Community Economic Development Corporation of Newark, strives to lead in specific areas. One is attracting business to the city as well as retaining the business which is the most important piece. Real estate, small business growth, neighborhood development.  Living wage jobs are jobs geared at making sure that those who work them can afford to live off of their income, instead of needing to go on well fare programs and other government aid.